• Does Mark 16:16 Involve “Water” Baptism?

    "Would you provide biblical evidence in answering this question: Does the baptism of Mark 16:16 involve water? A friend contends the passage refers to a 'baptism into Christ' at the point of faith. Then, subsequently - as a Christian - ... read more »

  • The Dynamics of the Doxology

    The term "doxology" derives from two Greek words, doxa, signifying "praise, honor, glory," and logos, "utterance." A doxology then, is a brief expression of praise. It has been more formally defined in the following way. "The name is given to ... read more »

  • Hosea 3:5 – “David’s” Reign in the Latter Days

    Every Old Testament book, to some extent, focuses upon the coming of Christ. This is no less true of the book of Hosea. Hosea was a prophet of God who spoke to the northern kingdom of Israel during the reign ... read more »

  • The Siege of Jerusalem

    The Jews had no intention of submitting to the pagans. In A.D. 66, a false hope that God would help overthrow their oppressors led to some initial military success. But the tide quickly turned against them when Vespasian took command ... read more »

  • Is the Bible Obsolete?

    A reader writes: *"How can the Bible be accepted as universal when certain aspects of it are obsolete by reason of the ancient cultures out of which it arose? In view of its historical setting, how can it be practical? ... read more »

  • Zechariah’s Amazing Prophecy of the Betrayal of Christ

    Zechariah was a prophet who lived in the 6th century before the birth of Christ. He was one of those captives in Babylon but, under the leadership of a political ruler whose name was Zerubbabel, Zechariah, together with some 50,000 ... read more »

  • Mark 6:17-18 — An “Unlawful” Relationship

    Of all the Herods in the bloody family of that name, Antipas receives the most prominent treatment in the New Testament - and this because of his connection with John the Baptizer. Though Antipas was married to the daughter of ... read more »

  • A Study of Samson: Faith and Folly

    The eleventh chapter of the book of Hebrews has often been called the biblical "Hall of Fame," or "Hall of Faith." The stories of those Old Testament heroes that adorn this section of scripture have thrilled our hearts since we ... read more »

  • Is a “Word Formula” Required in Administering Baptism?

    "A friend of mine contends that Matthew 28:18-20 does not apply to us today (i.e., baptism into name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). He says that from the day of Pentecost onward, baptism was administered only ... read more »

  • Who Are the “Enemies of Truth”?

    Richard Dawkins is a professor of zoology at Oxford University. He describes himself as "a fairly militant atheist, with a fair degree of active hostility toward religion" (Bass, p. 86). According to Dawkins, "religion is very largely an enemy of ... read more »