• The Thrilling and Mysterious Ways of God

    Most serious Bible students concede that the book of Romans is one of the more difficult compositions of the New Testament - at least in some places. One of these is the section that embraces chapters 9-11. There, the inspired ... read more »

  • Is Accountability “Hereditary”?

    "Could you explain passages such as Exodus 20:5; 34:7, and 1 Samuel 3:13? They seem to suggest that a later generation is punished for the sins of a former one. Does God hold one generation accountable for the sins of ... read more »

  • Charles Darwin’s Eroding Credibility

    During his lifetime (1809-1882), Charles Darwin received many accolades from his scientific contemporaries. What many do not realize, however, is that Darwin was criticized by numerous prominent scientists of his day, and that criticism lingers today - even among some ... read more »

  • The Earth: A Planet Plagued with “Evil”

    There are many remarkable features on this marvelous planet which God created. Warm sunshine and refreshing showers cause the Earth to produce a magnificent garden of beauty. Our world abounds with an amazing array of curious and delightful animals. The ... read more »

  • Joel 1:3 – Parental Responsibility

    "Tell your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation" (Joel 1:3). The prophecies of Joel were occasioned by a devastating plague of locust that recently had come upon the land of Canaan. ... read more »

  • King Saul — A Case Study in Apostasy

    Saul, son of Kish, Israel's first king, stands as a solemn warning to all who followed thereafter. He was the ruler born of Israel's wishes - that the Hebrews might "be like" the heathen nations nearby (1 Samuel 8:5). In ... read more »

  • Questions About Melchizedek

    "Some allege that the mysterious 'Melchizedek,' whom Abraham met when returning from the rescue of Lot, was a physical manifestation of the pre-incarnate Christ. Would you comment on this?" It certainly is true that there were numerous pre-incarnate (i.e., "before ... read more »

  • The Vision of Obadiah

    There are thirteen men in the Old Testament by the name of Obadiah, but we can not connect the writer of the Old Testament book to any one of them with certainty. "Obadiah" means "servant of the Lord." One way ... read more »

  • Luke 11:13 — Asking for the Holy Spirit

    It is common knowledge that members of the Pentecostal sect believe that God is constantly pumping miraculous surges of the Holy Spirit into them in response to their prayers. With hands uplifted, they beseech, "Lord, send the power just now," ... read more »

  • Giving as an Expression of Worship

    Is the Christian's giving into the treasury of the church on the Lord's day an expression of worship to God? This is a question of supreme importance. In part, at least, worship may be described as an expression of awe, ... read more »