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Micah 1:1 – The Doom of Samaria and Jerusalem

Study the historical background of the Old Testament book of Micah, prophet of God.

Tora! Tora! . . . Torah!

For those who have any respect for the testimony of Scripture at all, the issue is clear. Moses was the author of the first five books of the Old Testament.

Does the Bible Conflict with Itself in the Matter of “Incest”?

Some make the claim that the Scriptures are in conflict in the matter of the morality of “incest.” But the allegation is false. This week’s Question considers this issue.

Abel Still Speaks, But Are We Listening?

The writer of the book of Hebrews says that Abel, the first murder victim, is yet speaking. What is he saying? Are we listening?

1 Corinthians 1:17 — Paul Not Sent to Baptize

Did the apostle Paul teach that baptism was not necessary for salvation from sins? By no means. Study this passage with us.

The Compassion of Christ

A study of the compassion of Christ, as he modeled it in his life and as he heralded in his teaching, leads us to a greater understanding of the compassionate nature of our God and the great need for compassion in human interactions.

How Does this Man Know “Letters”?

“How does this man [Jesus] know letters, since he has never learned?” (John 7:15). This text has puzzled many Bible students? How could Christ have so amazed the multitudes with his teaching if he had “never learned”? Study this passage with us.

Can You Feel the Love?

Some of the most mean-spirited people in the world are those who “ooze” with that sickening sentimentality that talks of love while demonstrating everything but. Why don’t you take a few moments and, over our shoulder, take a look at some of our mail?

Jonah 1:1-2 — The Prophet’s Commission

God’s commission to the prophet Jonah provides insight into the nature of God and our relationship to him.

A Poignant Invitation to a Wayward People

What a wonderful orchestration of divine principles there is in the Lord’s communication with King Solomon.