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You do not have permission to take work product from this web site and use it in any way that harms our teaching efforts (as defined by us), intentionally or unintentionally, or in any way that diminishes our ability to control the distribution, content, and presentation of our teaching efforts (again, as we determine).

We reserve the right to revoke any permission previously granted for republication at any time and for any reason.

If you are currently republishing any documents, articles, or electronic files of any type, you must immediately ensure that you are in compliance with the Permissions and Terms of Use Policy listed below.

If you cannot immediately comply with the Permissions and Terms of Use, any previously received permission is hereby revoked. You must immediately cease publication of our content and remove it from any web site you own or control until such time as you can comply with the Permissions and Terms of Use listed below.

Christian Courier Publications is the only party which may grant permission to any other party for republication of content. Contributing authors may not grant republication rights for any content appearing on this web site or published through any other media without the express approval of Christian Courier Publications unless otherwise agreed upon by Christian Courier Publications and author of content.

Christian Courier Publications reserves the right to revise and amend the Permissions and Terms of Use from time to time as it sees fit and without any notice required to any party.

Permissions and Terms of Use

Individuals are granted limited permission to print, copy, and distribute articles appearing on the Christian Courier web site under the following guidelines:

Attribution is required.

You must give the original author credit and include the original Uniform Resource Locator (URL – i.e. in the document. If permission is granted for online publication, an active link to the original source MUST BE INCLUDED.

No commercial works or mass duplication.

You may not use content published by Christian Courier Publications for ANY commercial purposes without advanced written permission from Christian Courier Publications.

Commercial purposes include the following:

In other words, you can make up to thirty copies of a single article to hand out in a classroom situation, or for friends, family, etc. Or you can copy and give to a friend a collection of articles not exceeding five in number.

Additionally, a church may use articles on a limited basis in church bulletins distributed to members as long as attribution requirements are met and no edits or alterations are made.

You MAY NOT post our content on a web site or online content management system that you own or control. Online republication is prima facie mass duplication and may negatively affect the web site in a number of ways, including but not limited to search engine duplication penalties. Please do not

To obtain permission for reproduction that exceeds these limits, please send an official request to our business office at least 45 days prior to proposed publication.

Christian Courier Copyright Permissions
P.O. Box 11746
Jackson, TN 38308

No alteration allowed.

You may not alter, transform, or otherwise edit the content published by Christian Courier Publications. Articles may be split into successive publications if such is required due to space limitations. However, such should be clearly indicated within the publication.

No Derivative Works are allowed.

You may not alter, transform, or build upon the content published by Christian Courier Publications to produce new content.

Examples of derivative works include: anthologies, collections of essays, or copying content without citation, and republication of articles on other web sites not owned and controlled by Christian Courier Publications.

In other words, you are free to quote and reference our content in your own publications.

But please do not take an article, rearrange the paragraphs, or put together collections of articles incorporating our content into your creation without permission.

Translations are allowed.

You may translate content published by Christian Courier Publications into languages other than English as long as all other terms and conditions are observed.

If the content being translated will be republished in any commercially reproduced form ... whether or not the end product will be sold or given away (including but not limited to not-for-profit web sites or other electronic media), you must obtain prior written permission before publication by submitting an official request in writing to our physical address noted above at least 45 days prior to proposed publication. Do not submit permission requests by email, Facebook message, voice transmission, or any other form.