• Are Modern “Church Buildings” Digressive?

    There is a minority element within the Christian community that contends the early church met exclusively in private homes, not in the type of public facilities one sees today. They allege that the use of modern "church buildings" is in ... read more »

  • Was Ahab Pro-Choice?

    Ahab was the king of Israel. Wealth and power enabled him to do whatever he chose, and his lovely heathen wife reminded him of this fact. She asked rhetorically, "Do you now govern Israel?" (1 Kings 21:7). To the tyrant's ... read more »

  • Revelation 1:1 – The Things to Come Shortly

    The opening statement of the book of Revelation indicates that it deals with certain things that "must shortly come to pass." Some have misunderstood this language and concluded that the entire book of prophecy was soon to be fulfilled - ... read more »

  • The Miraculous Insight of Jesus Christ

    The miracles of Christ are proof that he is the Son of God (John 20:31). The Gospel writers record many of the miracles of Jesus, but certainly not all of them (John 20:30; 21:25). Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, collectively ... read more »

  • Was Jesus Really the “Messiah”?

    A Jewish opponent of Christianity argues: "Christians claim that the mission of Jesus of Nazareth was to bring peace to this earth. It has been two thousand years since he was born, and yet still there is no peace. In ... read more »

  • The Publican Factor

    The term "publican," as rendered in earlier versions (e.g., KJV/ASV), and "tax collector," as found in later translations (e.g., NIV/ESV), translates the Greek word telones. The term is found twenty-one times in the New Testament, and then only in the ... read more »

  • Lamentations 1:1 – Jerusalem’s Funeral

    In the Hebrew Old Testament, the book of Lamentations is known as ekah, meaning "How" or "Alas," taken from this first verse. The Greek version (LXX) calls it Threnoi Ieremiou, lamentations of Jeremiah. The word threnoi is the plural form ... read more »

  • The Value of the “Factious” Spirit

    What a curious title for an article! And yet, the concept is biblical. In that controversial epistle, commonly called First Corinthians, Paul deals with a variety of church problems. They were problems conveyed to the apostle via the reports of ... read more »

  • What Is the “Eternal” Sin?

    "What is the 'eternal sin,' mentioned in Mark 3:29?" Here is the text that is the focus of this question. "Verily I say unto you, All their sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they ... read more »

  • Reasoning from the Visible to the Invisible

    How does one know that God exists? We have not seen him or heard an audible word from his mouth. We cannot prove "scientifically" that he is real. We cannot weigh him, measure him, or photograph him. Is, then, our ... read more »