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Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Ben Stein is a popular Jewish writer (author of some thirteen books) and commentator. He is a professional comedian, an Emmy Award-winning actor, and game show host. He also is a lawyer, has been a law professor, and once served as a White House speech writer in Richard Nixon's administration. In recent years, Stein has been a vocal advocate against ... read more »

Evolution’s Useless-Organ Argument

According to the advocates of evolution, many of earth's creatures have within their bodies certain structures which are entirely useless. Reputedly, these body features are the remnants of a former phase of the animal's evolutionary past. Even human beings are supposed to have these physical relics of their evolutionary background. H. G. Wells and his colleagues described the human body ... read more »

Answering God’s Critic

George Johnson is a professor of biology and genetics at Washington University (St. Louis), where he has taught for twenty-seven years. He is the co-author of a textbook on biology, which, in reality, is but an apologetic for organic evolution. Mr. Johnson also serves as an editorial fellow for the Post-Dispatch, a major newspaper in St. Louis. Recently, this gentleman ... read more »

The Blind Bookwriter

In logic, the Law of Teleology affirms that "where there is design, there must be a designer" - a point conceded by infidels (see Ricci, 1986, p. 190). Thus, even unbelievers have recognized that the design argument is a weapon to be reckoned with in the arsenal of apologetics. One of the most influential presentations of the design argument was ... read more »

Do the Ages of the Earth and Mankind Really Matter?

The impact of Charles Darwin's theory of organic evolution has made tremendous inroads into the thinking of many people who ostensibly identify themselves as Christians. What is true of the community of "Christendom" is no less true of the churches of Christ. One area of considerable compromise is in the realm of evolutionary chronology. Evolutionary scholars are adamant about the ... read more »

The Language of God

Francis S. Collins, M.D., Ph.D., is the director of the National Human Genome Research Institute at the National Institutes of Health. He led the successful effort to complete the Human Genome Project, a complex scientific enterprise aimed at mapping and sequencing human DNA, and determining various aspects of its function. Dr. Collins has authored a book titled, The Language of ... read more »

Lessons from the Grand Canyon

The Colorado River is approximately 1,400 miles long. It begins in Wyoming and ultimately spills into the Pacific Ocean at the Gulf of California (Mexico). As it meanders toward its goal, the river passes through one of the most spectacular places on earth, the Grand Canyon. This yawning chasm is 277 miles long, and it is anywhere from four to ... read more »

Atheistic Religion in the Classroom

We are constantly being told that religion is not taught in the public school system. Such, it is alleged, would be a violation of the principle of the separation of church and state. For instance, the claim is made that in science classes students will be taught only scientific facts; religious ideology will be excluded. That simply is not so. ... read more »

Man: From the Beginning

The name of the game is intimidation. It is a tragic but true fact that many views are propagated in today's world simply on the basis of intimidation. The vocal majority frequently bullies the muted minority into an acceptation of their ideas. And this is precisely what has happened in the case of many professed friends of the Bible. Evolutionists, ... read more »

Those Missing Links

For many years evolutionists have been squabbling among themselves over a variety of issues. Not the least of these is how and at what rate the evolutionary process is supposed to have occurred. It is generally argued that biological change (resulting in new kinds of organisms) is the consequence of random genetic mutations, working in concert with natural selection. Mutations ... read more »