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The Holocaust: Why Did It Happen?

On April 22, 1993 the Holocaust Memorial Museum was dedicated in Washington, D.C. The museum is supposed to be a reminder of the six million Jews (and others) who were exterminated at the behest of Adolf Hitler and his Nazi henchmen during World War II. Civilized men lament the Holocaust (1933-45) as one of the darkest eras of modern history. ... read more »

Exodus 20:8-11 – The Creation Days: Literal Days or Ages?

Eons of time are absolutely essential to the theory of evolution. Robert Jastrow, an evolutionist, says: "The key to Darwin's explanation is time." (p. 112). Those who are intimidated by evolutionary propaganda attempt to find some way to fit the coveted "time" into the biblical record of creation. One of the ways this feat is attempted is by arguing that ... read more »

Stephen J. Gould (1941-2002)

The photographs that adorn a man's office speak volumes about him. In the office of the late Stephen J. Gould, former professor of paleontology at Harvard University, peering down upon that prolific desk, is the photograph of Vladimir Lenin (1870-1924), the revolutionary who founded the Communist dictatorship in Russia - a materialistic, godless system. Lenin once described his dictator-regime as ... read more »

Ants: God’s Amazing Creatures

One of the most interesting insects of the natural world is the tiny ant. There are over twelve thousand different species. Ants are called "social insects" because they live in groups and help one another in different ways. God made ants with some wonderfully special abilities. One authority has stated: [Ants] are known for their highly organized coloniesand nests, which ... read more »

The Ravaging of the Earth

There is considerable concern these days about the accelerating destruction of earth's natural resources. Water and air are being polluted, lush forests are dwindling, and an increasing level of wildlife is nearing extinction. Conservationists, legislators, and educators are vitally interested in these matters. Perhaps some understanding of the causes of these problems would contribute toward determining the remedy needed for ... read more »

The Creation “Days” – Literal or Figurative?

Dr. George Wald of Harvard University was a militant proponent of the theory of evolution. He was, though, at least honest enough to admit that the theory was fraught with some very serious difficulties. These problems, however, in Wald's view, were not insurmountable. He solved some of the "impossibilities" by appealing to time. Time itself, he said, "performs the miracles." ... read more »

Darwin’s Disciples: The Modern Epicureans

When Paul visited the city of Athens on his second missionary campaign, one of the philosophical groups that he encountered was the "Epicureans." Three years ago, when we published our commentary on the book of Acts, we made this brief comment regarding this Greek cult. "The Epicureans (named for their founder) were pagan deists; they believed in 'gods,' but contended ... read more »

The Record Buried in Coal

Buried within the bosom of the earth are billions of tons of "bottled sunshine"-more commonly known as coal. How did this material come to be there? And how much time was involved in its deposition? There are two general theories regarding the formation of coal. First, there is the uniformitarian view, which asserts that coal is the result of "the ... read more »

Science and Faith: The Budding Romance

"Science Finds God"-so the headline announced in a past issue of Newsweek magazine (Begley 1998, 47ff). The piece began: The achievements of modern science seem to contradict religion and undermine faith. But for a growing number of scientists, the same discoveries offer support for spirituality and hints [sic] of the very nature of God. Earlier, U.S. News & World Report ... read more »

The Hava Supai Dinosaur Carving

In 1879, E. L. Doheny, a young prospector out of Los Angeles, California, together with a party of fellow adventurers, wandered into the Hava Supai Canyon in northern Arizona. The region was wild and scarcely had been visited by white men at the time. The area had been inhabited, however, by the Hava Supai Indians for a very long while. ... read more »