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National Center for Science Education & Evolution

Recently I received a form letter (dated November, 1998) from Eugenie C. Scott, executive director for the National Center For Science Education, Inc. This militant, anti-religion organization is underwritten by some of the most rabid skeptics in America. Prominent names, such as F.J. Ayala, Niles Eldredge, Stephen J. Gould, and Donald Johanson, are connected with the movement. The letter was ... read more »

Evolution and the Doctrine of Original Sin

The July/August issue of Archaeology magazine is devoted to the propagation of the theory of evolution. The front cover features an ape face with the accompanying caption: "In Search of Human Origins." The article seeks to convey the impression that within the last half-century new fossil evidence has buttressed the notion that humans derive their existence from lower, ape-like creatures. ... read more »

The Link between Evolution and Abortion

Many people do not realize that there is a nexus between belief in the theory of evolution, and the horrible practice of abortion - at least in the minds of some. A common argument popularly employed in defense of the theory of evolution - especially in years past - is the "recapitulation" principle. Technically it is known as "ontogeny [individual ... read more »

The Influence of Evolution upon Religion

When Charles Darwin's Origin of Species issued from the presses (November 24, 1859), it marked a history-changing event. The world has not been the same since-unfortunately. The theory of evolution has wielded its malevolent influence over the past century-and-a-half in a host of ways. There is not a single field of scientific and academic study which has not been greatly ... read more »

Does Mapping the Human Genome Prove Evolution?

The headlines virtually shouted the news: "Human Genome Mapped!" The news media had a field day as scientists in early February, 2001, announced they had "cracked the code of the human genome." Media reports boasted that the mysteries of life were revealed and the end of disease may be just around the corner. While geneticists are discovering some remarkable things ... read more »

Scopes 2005: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

The nation's conglomerate of Darwinian disciples is currently in a state of panic. They are hanging in suspense, frozen in horror at the prospect that the youth of the nation might be exposed, via the public school system, to an idea that is different from that advanced by Charles Darwin, a mid-19th century naturalist from Great Britain. It is the ... read more »

Judge Plagiarizes ACLU Pro-evolution Meanderings

Editor's Note: Normally we do not replicate articles from other journals. The following piece, however, is so significant that it is too important to overlook. Plagiarism by a newspaper journalist results in termination of employment, a book author who practices such is wholly discredited, and a university or high school student is flunked. But what about a plagiarizing judge? The ... read more »

Five Questions About Evolution that Charles Darwin Can’t Answer

At no time in the history of the modern evolutionary movement (i.e., since the publication of Charles Darwin’s book, The Origin of Species, in 1859), has the world of evolutionary thought been in such a state of utter chaos. Theories hoary with aged respect are now under assault by a new breed of scientists, who can no longer live with ... read more »

A Feud Among Evolutionists

Stephen J. Gould of Harvard University was probably the most militant opponent of Christianity in the nation during the late 1990s. He was rabid in his hostility toward biblical creation. When the Kansas Board of Education decided to eliminate the teaching of evolution in 1999 as a mandated component of the state's science curriculum, Gould almost went berserk, challenging his ... read more »

Tutoring in the Shadow of Darwin

John N. Clayton is the editor of a bi-monthly magazine titled Does God Exist? Last year, Mr. Clayton, a retired high school teacher in South Bend, Indiana, awarded two scholarships as a result of an essay contest he sponsored via his journal. Applicants were required to compose an essay on "how science supports belief in God and how they plan ... read more »