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Where Did the Different “Races” Come From?

"Where did the different 'races' of men upon the earth come from?" The Evolutionary View At the commencement of this discussion, we must insist that the so-called "racial" developments did not result from an evolutionary ascendancy, with certain "races" being lower than others on the animal-to-human scale. For many years this was the evolutionary propaganda line, though most modern disciples ... read more »

Does Genesis 2 Allow for Vast Ages of Time?

After that initial surgery, as Adam first saw his bride, he said: "This is now bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh..." (Gen. 2:23).Some writers suggest that the word "now" (Heb. pa'am) is a term which indicates that Adam "had been searching diligently for a long time for a suitable mate" (John T. Willis, Genesis, p. 113). This argument ... read more »

Fortifying the Faith of Our Children

"My son was raised in the church. We taught him the Bible. As a youngster he sometimes helped to serve the Lord's supper. He even gave talks occasionally. After he was in college a while, something changed. He began to question the teaching of the Scriptures. Now, he professes no faith at all. What happened?" This is a story that ... read more »

The Woolly Mammoth and the Ice Age

Frozen mammoth discovered in Siberia! So stated newspaper headlines in October of 1999. The body of a woolly mammoth - the entire carcass intact - had been discovered in northern Siberia. The creature subsequently was retrieved from the ice and flown to Khatanga where scientists will do research on the remains. Geneticists will attempt to extract cells from the body ... read more »

Do Not Sin Against the Children

Jacob's eldest son, Reuben scolded his younger brothers: "Did I not tell you, 'Do not sin against the child'; and you would not listen?" The foregoing question of accusation was framed when the disguised Joseph, then a ruler in Pharaoh's court, demanded that their younger brother, Benjamin, be brought into the land of Egypt (Genesis 42:22). Reuben's question reflected the ... read more »

Frauds in Science

With a cultic-like aura surrounding them, these men and women are seen as the paragons of virtue in the intellectual community. They are a priesthood, arrayed in white apparel, tinkering with test tubes and peering through microscopes in a sophisticated "holy of holies." I am speaking, of course, of the twentieth century scientist. He is not to be questioned as ... read more »

More Skull-Duggery

Some events are fairly predictable - like "the sun will rise tomorrow morning." Another prediction, almost certain to occur every few years, is the announcement that some anthropologist (evolutionist) has just discovered the oldest known remains of a "hominid" (a man form). The competition among evolutionists is tremendously fierce to see who can "scoop" whom in terms of publicity. William ... read more »

Lessons from the La Brea Tar Pits

More than two hundred years ago, the Spanish explorer Gaspar de Portola wrote about the "muchos pantamos de brea," i.e., the "extensive bogs of tar," that he observed in what is now the Los Angeles area of southern California. Just seven miles west of the Los Angeles Civic Center, lies one of the richest fossil deposits in the world. It ... read more »

Why Racists Hate Christianity

On the Fourth of July weekend in 1999, a young man named Benjamin Nathaniel Smith went on a murderous rampage. He wounded nine people and killed two, before turning the gun upon himself. He was a hate-filled, unhappy person. Prior to his death, Smith was interviewed for a documentary by a student filmmaker. In that interview, he revealed a bitter ... read more »

Eggs for Sale

EGGS FOR SALE! No, not the hen variety-human eggs! Just when you think you've heard it all, something else-even more bizarre-pops up. This time it has to do with the auction of human eggs on the internet. According to news reports last week (around which some suspicion has now arisen), a fashion photographer who lives in Malibu, California is attempting ... read more »