Christian Courier Articles

A History of the Baptism Apostasy

The doctrine of baptism, as set forth in the New Testament, is scarcely recognizable in the modern world of “Christendom.” How did this strange and unwarranted change come about? Study this issue with us.

Is All Remarriage After Divorce Condemned?

Some allege that all second marriages following a divorce are prohibited. Does this theory have the support of Scripture? Has the New Testament information on this matter been corrupted? Study this issue with us.

Is the Genesis Creation Account Poetry?

Some suggest that Genesis 1 and 2 are not literal accounts of actual history. Instead, much of the narrative is poetic, with elements of history embedded. But what does the evidence show?

Did Jesus Exclude Repentance from Forgiveness?

Some sincere people are severely lacking in fundamental skills for interpreting the Bible. They will isolate a text or word from its immediate context, or else from the larger context of biblical information, and “camp on it” in order to find support for a cherished thought. This short article is an example of such.

What Happens To A Person At Death?

What happens when you die and your soul is separated from your body? There are diverse views about this matter. Here is one for your study and reflection.

Does 1 Corinthians 16:1-2 Constitute a Binding Pattern?

A few young men have attempted to recently argue that 1 Corinthians 16:1-2 pertains only to a first century circumstance, and does not provide a pattern for the modern church. Study this issue carefully.

Back to Kindergarten

Some have spent years in the church, but have never grown significantly in their Bible knowledge. There is a strong rebuke in Scripture for this type of neglect.

Atheism: The “No-God” Religion

Atheists claim to the anti-religion, yet they have formed their own “religion.” They are the epitome of inconsistency.

The Church And Its Detractors

There are always been those, both without and within the church of Jesus Christ, who have attempted to weaken and compromise the gospel of Christ. Such antagonists must ever be identified and rebuffed.

Corinth – A Troubled Church

The church in Corinth had numerous spiritual problems, one of which was its tolerance of flagrant immorality. In his letter to this church, the apostle delivers a sharp rebuke. Happily, it produce a healthy result.