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What Must I Know To Be Saved?

Unlike some other religions, the validity of Christian faith rests upon what we believe about the gospel of Christ. But what exactly must one know to become a child of God? Let’s explore these thoughts in this brief article.

Was Christ Mistaken About His Second Coming?

Bertrand Russell once claimed that Jesus, if he ever really existed, was obviously wrong about his second coming. Was the atheist correct?

Church Growth: By the Gospel or By Gimmicks?

Is the gospel still sufficient for church growth? Are modern gimmicks necessary to attract bigger crowds?

Our Eternal Abode

Will heaven be on earth as some have speculated? Or is their biblical evidence that heaven will be something apart from the physical planet on which we live.

The Value of the Kingdom of Heaven

In the parables of the hidden treasure and the pearl of great price, Jesus emphasized the great value of his kingdom.

Why Would a Loving God Send Us to Hell?

Is the doctrine of eternal punishment in hell consistent with the idea of a good and loving God?

God’s Great Plan Consummated

Can man know that God exists? Is humanity the result of divine creation, or merely the consequence of impersonal evolutionary forces?

The Study of Biblical Words

The Bible is the verbally inspired Word of God, and by its words spiritual life is obtained. No person who is really interested in the eternal welfare of his soul can afford to neglect a careful study of the words of sacred Scripture.

The Origin of the Bible

Is the Bible a mere human production or does it have the tell-tale marks of a divine document?

Facts About the Second Coming of Christ

One of the most dominant themes in the New Testament is the second coming of Christ. Over the centuries, numerous false ideas have confused many regarding earth’s final event. Here are some facts about our Lord’s return...