• Character Studies in Joshua

    Andy was homeless, flopping under a pier or in someone else’s garage. Had he been dealt a bad hand-an unlucky life? Could he shuffle the deck and stack the future in his favor by personal, conscious decisions? He wanted to ... read more »

  • A Note from Richard Dawkins

    Richard Dawkins is a British atheist who has attempted to find some degree of fame in recent years by defaming the existence of God with the use of some of the most virulent language of which the depraved human tongue ... read more »

  • The New “R-word” Label

    For more than two centuries the despicable "N-word" has been hatefully hurled at "people of color." Now its use virtually is the equivalent of profanity and borders on being verbal hate speech, worthy of criminal prosecution. Another term rapidly finding ... read more »

  • Lessons from Lamentations

    One of the little-known portions of the Bible is the book of Lamentations. Although frequently neglected by some students, this narrative truly contains some rich deposits of truth which will abundantly reward those who examine its contents. In the Hebrew ... read more »

  • Dignity in Worship Leadership

    Under the Mosaic dispensation a special class served as the leaders of worship for the nation of Israel-they were called “priests.” Aaron and his offspring (via the tribe of Levi) officiated in the tabernacle worship ceremonies according to divine prescriptions. ... read more »

  • Divorce and Remarriage: White, Black, or Gray?

    It must be wonderful to be one of those fellows who has every religious controversy perfectly figured out, with no room left for disagreement. I do not happen to be in that particular segment of the Christian brotherhood. I still ... read more »

  • The Death of Sennacherib: A Case Study in Prophecy

    The study of Bible prophecy is a most fascinating engagement. In his monumental work, Encyclopedia of Biblical Prophecy, the late Professor J. Barton Payne contended that the Bible contains 1,817 prophecies which embrace 8,352 predictive verses. These, he said, consume ... read more »

  • Show Her! Don’t Just Tell Her.

    I read an article recently that touched me deeply; it also prompted me to try to be a more demonstrative husband. That of which I was reminded I would like to pass along to others who may need a little ... read more »

  • The Biblical Doctrine of the Godhead

    Since the late second century A.D., controversy has existed concerning the nature of the Godhead. Is God a solitary person-simply manifested in three forms? Or do three separate personalities exist, each of whom possesses the nature of deity? Is the ... read more »

  • False Teachers; Destructive Heresies – 2 Peter 2:1

    The Second Epistle of Peter was written by Simon Peter, an apostle of Christ, who also penned First Peter (see 2 Peter 3:1). The principal design of this letter was to “stir” Christian minds to a greater level of spirituality ... read more »