Christian Courier Articles

The Importance of Messianic Genealogy

It Christ’s genealogy important in establishing his identity as Messiah? Consider the evidence.

Why Do People Refuse to Come to Jesus?

Jesus once proclaimed, “You refuse to come to me that you may have life” (Jn. 5:40). Why do some people refuse to come to Jesus?

Who Was the Good Samaritan?

The parable of the “good Samaritan” has echoed down the corridors of time for the past 2,000 years. What makes it so memorable?

Have You Considered The Consequences Of Sin?

The phenomenon of “sin” has wrought a terrible harvest upon this earth. Consider this matter with us.

When Was the Book of Revelation Written?

When was the book of Revelation written?

Three Views of Self

None of us lives an isolated existence. While we see ourselves in a certain light, others may view us quite differently. Our Creator looks at us with absolute accuracy!

Lessons from the Ark of the Covenant

The ark of the covenant housed a small pot of manna (Ex. 16:32-33), Aaron’s staff (Num. 17:10), and the two tables of stone containing the Ten Commandments. See the reference to these items in Hebrews 9:4b.

Covering the ark was a lid designated as the mercy-seat (Ex. 25:17). Above the mercy-seat were two golden cherubim (plural of “cherub”), representing a certain order of angels (vv. 18ff; cf. Gen. 3:24). Let us ponder several of these items.

Five Alleged Mistakes in the Bible

A recent writer for a radical online magazine charged that the Bible is mistaken regarding five Old Testament texts. As it turns out, the article is wrong—on all five counts!

Is the Restoration Plea Valid?

Is a classic car better served with restoration or modification? It’s a trivial question. But what about Christianity? Was the Christian faith once for all delivered to the saints? Or is it an evolving religion free to be modified by cultural development or human preference?

The Curse of Covetousness

Material prosperity can be a great blessing if employed in the service of God. But covetousness is a curse.