Christian Courier Articles

Habakkuk 1:2 – A Challenge to God

The background and purpose of the Old Testament book of Habakkuk reminds us of God’s providential activity among the nations.

Sexual Promiscuity — A National Plague

The level of sexual sin in American culture today has reached alarming levels. Such debauchery cannot abide without widespread and long-lasting detriments. What can the Christian do?

Are Some Sins “Greater” than Others?

Are some sins “greater” than others? There is a sense in which any sin will condemn. There is another sense in which greater responsibility is attached to some acts of sin. Explore this topic with us.

The Tongue: One of Man’s Most Dangerous Weapons

James, an inspired New Testament writer, declared that the human tongue is a dangerous weapon and exceedingly difficult to control. Let us consider some various forms of speech condemned in Scripture.

Galatians 1:23 – The Faith

The use of the definite article “the” in Paul’s discussion of “the faith” is significant.

Ishmael: His Hand Against Every Man

The terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 was not an expression of aberrant radicalism; it was Islam in its purest form. It was but a further commentary on “his hand against every man” (Genesis 16:12)!

Did Behemoth Have a “Navel”?

Some scholars suggest that “behemoth,” as portrayed in the book of Job, was some species of ancient dinosaur. Others claim that such cannot be the case since Job’s “behemoth” had a “navel” (40:16 KJV), and dinosaurs were egg-layers. What are the facts?

But Be of Good Cheer, I Have Overcome the World

When adversity strikes, how does one cope? People respond differently; some valiantly — others not so. For those who have confidence in the Scriptures, Christ provides the answer. Jason Jackson comments on this in this week’s Penpoints.

Nahum 1:1 – The End of Nineveh

Discover the historical background behind the Old Testament prophecy of Nahum.

God’s Great Plan — In Perpetuity

If one looks at each of the three processes involved in the salvation of mankind — development, consummation, and revelation, he should see that each was effected in perpetuity, and none is being replicated today.