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2 Thessalonians 2:3 — The Falling Away

This context has been the subject of great controversy. What exactly is th “falling away” and who is the “man of sin”?

I’m a Good Christian. So Why Am I Sick and Poor?

If God blesses his people, why are there so many Christians who are sick or poor?

What Is Meant by “the Spirits of Just Men Made Perfect”?

What is the meaning of that phrase in the book of Hebrews, “the spirits of just men made perfect”? In order to understand the expression, the surrounding context must be examined. This study does that.

The Song Police

While there are certain hymns that cannot be sung by faithful Christians, due to their unscriptural content, one should be sure that he does not make irrational objections that cannot be supported with scriptural evidence.

Malachi 1:2,3 – Jacob Loved, Esau Hated

The book of Malachi states that Jacob was “loved” by God, yet his brother Esau was “hated.” This week’s Margin Notes deals with the use of such language.

A Subtle Argument for Bible Inspiration

The authenticity of Christianity is supported by evidence that is brilliantly subtle. An in-depth probe of this theme will inspire awe at the sanctity of the Scriptures.

What Did Jesus Mean When He Said, “Receive Ye the Spirit”?

On the Sunday of his resurrection, Jesus said to certain disciples, “Receive ye the Spirit.” What is the meaning of this cryptic text?

Paul’s Passion for Needy Brethren

Paul’s passion for the needy saints of Jerusalem is a concern reflected several times in the New Testament documents. These texts contain interesting facts/lessons worthy of study and application.

1 Thessalonians 1:9 – Conversion – A Turning Process

What does it mean to be “converted”?

An Abused Passage — 2 John 9

Both the liberal left and the radical right have seriously distorted 2 John 9 to support their causes. What does this passage mean, and how does it relate to modern religious controversy?