The following articles are related to the topic of ATHEISM

Are the Gospel Writers Credible?

Generally speaking, skeptics assert that Jesus did not do the things recorded in the Gospel accounts; they simply invented the stories.

Skepticism Abandons Logic

Even atheists have recognized the principle that “where there is design, there must be a designer.” Now, however, with mounting evidence for design in the Universe, the skeptics are fleeing from this fundamental, logical proposition.

Lessons from the Catacombs of Rome

The catacombs located beneath the city of Rome are a wonder of antiquity which reveal much about the early adherents to the Christian faith.

Bee-havior Points to God

For centuries bees have been the objects of careful study by scientists. They are amazing creatures indeed (the bees that is), bearing the imprint of divine design in so many ways.

Psalm 19, Scientifically Accurate

Critics often criticize figurative language in the Bible as being scientifically inaccurate. But even “scientists” use figurative language from time to time. In spite of poetic language, Psalm 19 does contain some descriptions of the sun that are scientifically precise.

Steve Allen’s Attack upon the Bible

This article, originally published in 1993, addresses the book written by popular songwriter-comedian, Steve Allen (1921-2000), Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion, and Morality.

Why Do Men Reject God?

Most people in the world, throughout the ages of history, have believed in some concept of a Supreme Being. Since unbelief is neither reasonable nor the norm, one cannot but wonder why some people become atheists.

The Hope of Immortality

Man has ever entertained the hope that there is more to human existence that the experiences of earthly life. Even skeptics have a difficult time quenching this desire.

Jesus and Laughter

An atheist’s laughable attempt to criticize the Lord’s teaching is exposed.

Liberalism’s Manipulation of Scripture

Theological “liberalism” has no regard for the plain testimony of Scripture. With the “liberal,” all biblical events must be measured in the light of “modern” knowledge. In this week’s Penpoints, Wayne Jackson provides a shocking example of this kind of perversion of Bible history.