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Skepticism and the “Uniformitarian” Principle

One of the major concepts championed by the skeptical community is known as "uniformitarianism." This is the notion that Earth's processes, as they always are, reflect that which always has been. The late Dr. George G. Simpson of the American Museum of Natural History, and a professor at Columbia University, expressed it like this (in concert with two colleagues). "There ... read more »

An Atheistic Assault upon the “Design” Argument

William Paley (1743-1805) was a British theologian/mathematician/logician who produced several erudite works, not the least of which was his volume called Natural Theology (1802). In this work, Paley argued that just as a watch logically implies a skilled, intelligent "watch-maker," even so, a structured universe points to an intelligent universe-Maker. The fundamental premise of the argument is this: when one ... read more »

A Skeptic Reflects upon Jesus Christ

Charles Templeton is very sick. Now in his 80s, and afflicted with Alzheimers disease, Templeton hasn't long to live and he knows it. And he is dying with a poignancy of soul that can only be described as truly pathetic. But let us go back across the years for a moment. There was a time when Charles Templeton was one ... read more »

A Skeptic Disputes the Resurrection of Christ

Ralph Matthews is a former college instructor whose retirement days are consumed with writing mini-diatribes against the Christian religion. In point of fact, he has nothing new to contribute; his hackneyed criticisms are but a regurgitation of past infidel quibbles. On occasion, however, they do provide an opportunity to illustrate the superficiality of skepticism's arsenal. In a recent article, this ... read more »

The Skeptics’ Bogus Bounty

The skeptics have placed a "bounty" on my head. Well, in a manner of speaking. They've offered me a bounty of $2,000 if I will accept their challenge. But let me give you a bit of background. Some years ago a former preacher and missionary associated with the churches of Christ "soured," and, so far as anyone knows, abandoned any ... read more »

A Problem No Skeptic Can Explain

The writers of the Gospel accounts - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John - quite definitely affirm that Jesus Christ claimed to be the Son of God, and that he performed miracles to authenticate that affirmation. Further, they allege that even though Jesus was put to death on the cross, after three days he came out of the grave, thus, forcefully ... read more »

Cosmological Confusion

The Greek word for "world" is kosmos. The original term had to do with "order" or "arrangement." Cosmology is a study of the origin and structure of the universe. How did the universe arise? Modern science hasn't a clue, because the question of origins is beyond the pale of scientific investigation. Nonetheless, in their confusion, skeptical scientists and philosophers attempt ... read more »

False Ideas about God

When Paul was in Athens, he declared to certain philosophers (who had gathered together to hear new ideas) that they were ignorant of the true God (Acts 17:23). In our current society, many feel that modern man has intellectually advanced beyond the primitive Greeks. The truth is, a significant segment of our own populous is about as crude in its ... read more »

Are Science and Faith Compatible?

Well are they? Can one believe in the concept of a universe that was created by God, and not be considered an anti-science ignoramus? Many people have been led to believe that faith in God and the facts of science are mutually exclusive propositions. In one of his books, Vance Packard declared that "the discoveries of astronomers, geologists, and space ... read more »

Richard Dawkins – God Hater

Richard Dawkins is a former professor at the University of California at Berkeley; more recently he was a lecturer in "animal behavior" at Oxford University in England. Currently Dawkins is a "Professor of the Public Understanding of Science" at the same institution. His main passion is spitting venom towards the God he believes does not exist. This is much like ... read more »