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The Holy Scriptures—Indestructible

The Word of God "lives and abides." Thus wrote Peter, the inspired apostle of Jesus Christ (1 Peter 1:23). To buttress this claim regarding the enduring nature of the sacred Word, the divine spokesman quoted from the Old Testament prophet, Isaiah (40:6ff), declaring: All flesh is as grass, and all the glory thereof as the flower of grass. The grass ... read more »

The Covering of Sin

In a refreshing declaration, an Old Testament writer affirms: "Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered" (Psa. 32:1). In stark relief, another biblical writer says: "He who covers his transgressions shall not prosper..." (Prov. 28:13). The former passage commends the covering of sin; the latter one condemns such. How are these two inspired oracles to be ... read more »

The Subterfuge of the “Intelligent Design Movement”

When I was a boy I spent a considerable amount of time on the old family homeplace in southern Kentucky. In those days the plowing was done with horses (or mules). When the animals were to be used for work the following day, they were kept in the barn overnight. Occasionally, however, it was necessary to retrieve stock from the ... read more »

Does “Free Will” Grant a License to Sin?

A frustrated libertine writes: "We are supposed to have free agency here on earth, but the God who is presented in the Old Testament destroyed people who did not keep his laws. How can it be said that we have 'free agency' when people are killed for living the way they choose to live?" This question reflects a serious misunderstanding ... read more »

Simply Outrageous

Have you ever heard or read a statement that made you wonder how it ever could have been conceived? For example Bill O'Reilly, Fox News guru, said on national television that "the Catholic Church invented marriage" (WorldNetDaily, 2/10/2010). How does anyone that obtuse deserve a national audience? But he is not alone. Consider a few more quotes that are "simply ... read more »

Robert G. Ingersoll: Apostle of Infidelity, Robber of Hope

Robert Ingersoll (1833-99) was a mediocre Illinois lawyer whose flair for oratory thrust him into fame in the latter portion of the nineteenth century. He crisscrossed the nation lecturing to large crowds with vitriolic tirades against the Bible. He charged that the Scriptures contain "a great deal of error, considerable barbarism and a most plentiful lack of good sense" (Ferrell ... read more »

Wilbur Smith’s Remarkable Book

On the 11th day of February, 1959, a young preacher student in Mississippi added one more volume to his fledgling library. The title of the book was Therefore Stand.The author was Wilbur M. Smith, a Professor of English Bible at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.The student who purchased (and devoured) the book was the author of this article. When ... read more »

Pascal and Paul

Blaise Pascal was a remarkable scholar of mid-17th century France. Home-schooled by his father (his mother having died when he was three), he showed astounding intellectual skills as a youth. By the time he was twelve, he had figured out the equivalent of many of Euclid's geometrical theories. At nineteen, he invented the first workable calculator. He formulated the "theory ... read more »

Three Great Facts about God

How often do you take time to simply "meditate" upon God? Here are three important truths about God that you should consider and appreciate. God: He Exists Most people believe in God's existence because, using their common intelligence, the evidence points in that direction. But can God's existence be proved? His existence cannot be proved empirically (i.e., scientifically) as one ... read more »

Evolution and the Doctrine of Original Sin

The July/August issue of Archaeology magazine is devoted to the propagation of the theory of evolution. The front cover features an ape face with the accompanying caption: "In Search of Human Origins." The article seeks to convey the impression that within the last half-century new fossil evidence has buttressed the notion that humans derive their existence from lower, ape-like creatures. ... read more »