Christian Courier Articles

Acts 2:38—Not So Tough

Another argument which denies the essential role baptism plays in our salvation is answered.

Acts 4:32 – The Jerusalem Church of Christ

The Jerusalem church of Christ is a model that all churches should pattern themselves after. After all, they were operating under the direct instruction of the inspired apostles. The results are apparent in Acts 4:32.

Acts 8 – Philip Preached “the Christ”

Several passages in Acts provide us with first-century examples that help us to understand what it means to “preach Jesus.”

The Acts of the Apostles — from Jerusalem to Rome

Paperback; 473 pages; A verse-by-verse commentary on the book of Acts written on the popular level.

The ACU Commentary and the Unity of the Book of Isaiah

ACU: Stronghold of “Radical Criticism”

Abilene Christian University (Abilene, Texas) is rapidly departing from the strong base upon which it was founded. A reckless breed of mavericks flaunts the new course it has charted.

Adam Clarke & Albert Barnes: Scholars from the Past

Adam Clarke and Albert Barnes were famous Bible commentators of a by-gone era. This “human interest” piece discusses some little-known facts about these distinguished gentlemen.

Addicted to Me

Advice to Aspiring Writers

Some friendly advice to aspiring Christian writers from a man of experience

Agape — A Christian Husband’s Obligation

In this article, Jason Jackson considers the divine imperative, “Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself up for it” (Eph. 5:25). A husband, living like God wants him to live, will learn to love his wife according to Christ’s example, giving himself selflessly for her spiritual needs. That is agape — a Christian husband’s eternally rewarding obligation.