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Acts 10:6 – Simon, the Tanner

The Bible is such a marvelously rich volume. It contains countless tiny details — little nuggets of truth containing great lessons — which one is likely to pass over in his reading if he is not very studious. Let us consider for a moment an interesting narrative in the book of Acts.

Acts 11:21,24 – “A Great Number that Believed Turned unto the Lord”

A subtle, but important, point from the Greek text helps us to distinguish several factors in the plan of salvation

Acts 13:2 – The Holy Spirit, A Person

This and numerous other New Testament verses establish the fact that the Holy Spirit is a divine Person.

Acts 15:9 — Hearts Cleansed by Faith

Some religious folks assume that this passage teaches that salvation is given upon the basis of faith alone — without additional acts of obedience. This is a tragic mistake.

Acts 17:26 – The Family of Man

The family of man is one, and the Bible was right about this issue 2000 years ago!

Acts 18:9 – Paul’s Fear at Corinth

God does not want the proclamation of His word to be characterized by a spirit of fearfulness.

Acts 1:16 – Scripture Inspiration

Peter’s recognition of fulfilled prophecies in Acts chapter 1 affirms the inspiration of Scripture.

Acts 26:8 – Can God Raise the Dead?

Does God have the ability to raise the dead? Paul affirms in his defense to Herod that he does.

Acts 2:21 — Calling on the Lord’s Name

All who wish to enjoy the remission of past sins will call on the name of the Lord by obeying the gospel plan of redemption. In no other way can one receive pardon.

Acts 2:38 – Carroll Osburn and “For the Remission of Sins”

Many denominationalists have long argued that “for the remission of sins” in Acts 2:38 can mean “because of” (i.e. – be baptized because your sins have been remitted). But the same term is found in Matthew 26:28 – clearly indicating the meaning of the term.