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California High Court Wrong Again

The California Supreme Court is one of the most reckless judicial bodies in the nation. Once more it has intruded into, and trampled upon, the right to religious freedom. Consider one of its latest infractions.

Calvinism and the Great Commission

There is a terrible conflict between Christ’s “Great Commission” and the Calvinistic dogma of predestination. It has not been unnoticed even by the disciples of the Swiss reformer.

The Campbell-Purcell Debate (1837)

The sexual improprieties of many priests within the Roman Catholic Church is a stormy controversy these days. Is this problem a natural result of the Church’s attitude regarding sexual activity? Read this article and draw your own conclusion.

Can a Man Justify God?

The sacred historian Luke once declared that some of the Jews “justified God” when they accepted the immersion administered by John the Baptist (Lk. 7:29). How could this possibly be? Can a man “justify” God?

Can a Sheep Stray from the Fold?

Jesus once said that no one could “snatch” one of his sheep away from him (Jn. 10:28). Does this mean that a child of God can never fall from grace and be lost eternally? Wayne Jackson responds to a question on this theme.

Can Christians “Speak in Tongues” Today?

Can Christians “speak in tongues” today, as some did during the first century? The “charismatics” claim they can; but do the Scriptures teach that this gift was to continue throughout the history of the church? Look at what the New Testament actually teaches on this theme.

Can God Be Seen?

How does one reconcile Bible passages which suggest that some “saw” God, but, on the other hand, God cannot be “seen”?

Can I Be Happy in Heaven with Loved Ones in Hell?

How would it be possible for one to be happy in heaven, knowing that some of his loved ones are suffering in hell? This is a question that every thoughtful Christian has pondered at times. Is there a reasonable solution to this problem?

Can Job Be a True Story?

Is the book of Job an historical account? Or is it a fiction invented to teach a valuable lesson?

Can Man Forgive Sins?

Does any man have the right to forgive sins? Some suggest that Jesus granted this authority to the apostles, and then, through them, to others (see John 20:23). Can you explain this passage?

Can the Living Talk To the Dead?

Humankind has always been fascinated by the idea of talking to the dead. Necromancy is condemned in the Bible, but is speaking with the dead possible?

Can We Understand the Bible Alike?

Recently a preacher raised the question: “Can we all understand the Bible alike?” He declared that we cannot, and asserted that those who believe that we can are simply entertaining an ignorant viewpoint.

Can You Explain the “Coasts” of Caesarea?

Is the Bible in error because it speaks of the “coasts” of Caesarea Philippi (Matthew 16:13), and also the “coasts” of Decapolis (Mark 7:31). Both of these regions are inland and have no coasts. Can you explain this?

Can You Feel the Love?

Some of the most mean-spirited people in the world are those who “ooze” with that sickening sentimentality that talks of love while demonstrating everything but. Why don’t you take a few moments and, over our shoulder, take a look at some of our mail?

The Canon of Sacred Scripture

Who determined which books were to go into the Bible? Exactly when did that occur? What are the Apocryphal books? Wayne Jackson addresses these important questions.

The Case of Eutychus

The case of Eutychus in Acts chapter 20 is a testament to the authenticity of the Christian religion and an assurance that death is not the end of existence.

Catholic Professor Protests

In 2003, we published a review of Dr. Thomas West’s book, Jesus and the Quest for Meaning. West is a Professor of Theology at the College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, Minnesota. In our review, we censured Professor West for his unorthodox ideas relative to the resurrection of Christ. The Professor has vigorously protested our essay. As a courtesy to him, we are publishing his letter of protest, and our response to the same.

The Character of Atheism

Someone has said that you can tell something of the character of a person by the heroes he has. There may be something to that. Atheism extols hypocrisy.