• Calvinism and the Great Commission

    John Calvin (1509-64) was a religious reformer and theologian. The basic premise of his theology was the absolute sovereignty (right to reign) of God, out of which evolved his misguided theory of "predestination." The Swiss reformer believed that human "free ... read more »

  • Nuggets from the Book of Philemon

    Colossae was a bustling city in Phrygia, in the southwest region of Asia Minor. In the time of the apostles it had seen its better days. Once famed for its soft wool and colorful dyes, commercial competition had muted its ... read more »

  • Is Man a “Naked Ape”?

    In 1967, Desmond Morris, an English zoologist and curator of mammals at the London Zoological Society, authored a book titled The Naked Ape. It became an overnight best-seller. The book was excerpted by Life magazine, condensed by Reader’s Digest, and ... read more »

  • A Study of Heaven

    Is heaven real? If so, how does one know? In spite of bogus claims of having visited heaven, such as that professed by Ellen G. White of Seventh-day Adventist fame (1945, 32ff), no one has died, gone to heaven, and ... read more »

  • The Bible: Word of God or Mere Words of Men?

    The phrase, "word of God," is found some forty-four times in the New Testament (ASV). It is most interesting to examine the significance of this expression as viewed by the different teachers who employed it in their sacred instruction. In ... read more »

  • Obsessive Personalities

    The term "addiction" normally conveys a negative impression. It depicts an insatiable appetite, a craving that captivates a person and drives him to an enslaving indulgence. Like the mighty python that slowly but steadily coils around a victim until the ... read more »

  • Is America Too Big to Fail?

    For the past year or more of campaigning, we have been bombarded daily with news about our nation's terrible economic condition. Here in California, we've seen our property values plummet and our fuel prices soar to record levels over the ... read more »

  • A Survey of Interbiblical History

    The apostle Paul wrote: "[B]ut when the fulness of time came, God sent forth his Son" (Galatians 4:4). The phrase "fulness of time" is extraordinary. It reflected the most ideal time in world history for the birth of Christ and ... read more »

  • Do Human Beings Have an Immortal Soul?

    A reader has alleged that the expression “immortal soul” is not consistent with biblical teaching. He contends that this concept is more akin to the pagan philosophy of Plato than to the Scriptures. The gentleman says that 1 Timothy 6:16 ... read more »

  • Examine Yourselves!

    Second Corinthians is probably one of the least frequently studied, or even read, books of the New Testament. To fully appreciate this inspired treatise, one needs to have some background knowledge of the establishment of this church, the problems that ... read more »