• Be Still and Know That I Am God — Revisited

    “If you were running for your life, would it matter?” That was General Odum’s motto; he learned to put everyday problems into perspective, weighing them against his World War II experiences. Captured by Rommel’s infamous Afrika Korps, Odum later escaped ... read more »

  • Christian Priorities

    One of the most demanding and frequently ignored admonitions from Jesus Christ is found in his renowned Sermon on the Mount: “You are to seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all of these things [basic needs] ... read more »

  • The Paradox of Anxiety

    A paradox is defined as a statement that appears to conflict with common sense or other credible sources of information, when, in fact, it may not conflict at all. For example, after reflecting upon on 1 Peter 5:6-“Humble yourselves therefore ... read more »

  • The ACU Commentary and the Unity of the Book of Isaiah

    Abilene Christian University Press (Abilene, Texas) has just released its new commentary, The Transforming Word One Volume Bible Commentary. Among the many liberal positions advocated, this volume argues for the multiple authorship of the book of Isaiah. John Willis contends: ... read more »

  • What Are You Looking for in a Church?

    Some people couldn't care less about religion. They do not believe in God; and "church," in their opinion, would be a burden and a waste of time. There are not many theoretical atheists (the evidence for God's existence is much ... read more »

  • Struggling with Life’s Injustices

    A gentleman who professed an identification with the Lord, became quite disenchanted with Christianity. When an interested friend inquired as to the nature of his problem, he replied: According to the Bible, God promised that those who follow him will ... read more »

  • The Righteous Shall Live by Faith

    The expression, “The just [righteous] shall live by faith,” is a wonderful affirmation from the Holy Spirit of sacred revelation, brimming with truth and comfort. It occurs four times in Scripture-once in the book of Habakkuk, twice in Paul’s epistles, ... read more »

  • Buy a Sword!

    The following question was received recently from one of our readers. Would you discuss Luke 22:36-"[L]et him sell his cloak and buy a sword"? Some claim this passage is in conflict with Matthew 5:39, which prohibits a disciple of Christ ... read more »

  • Jesus Christ – A Family Portrait

    It was the will of the Heavenly Father that Jesus of Nazareth, the incarnate Son of God, should grow up within a human family environment. A consideration of the biblical data of this arrangement reveals some interesting and rewarding details. ... read more »

  • The English Standard Version Study Bible – A Review

    Shortly after its initial appearance, I published an article reviewing The English Standard Version (2001, Crossway Bibles). In that composition I cataloged what I perceived to be some of the strengths and weaknesses of this translation of the Bible. Generally, ... read more »