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Addicted to Me

The Doctrine of Open Theism

Be Still and Know That I Am God — Revisited

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The Paradox of Anxiety

The ACU Commentary and the Unity of the Book of Isaiah

What Are You Looking for in a Church?

Moving into a new community? Having a life-altering crisis? Children growing up in a wicked society? Thinking about a church? Many people are; unfortunately, however, too many are looking for the wrong things.

Struggling with Life’s Injustices

Is life fair? Many suggest it is not. Good people suffer and “fat-cat” crooks often prosper. Is there any sense to this? Let us reflect a bit deeper than the surface.

The Righteous Shall Live by Faith

The declaration, “The righteous shall live by faith,” is found several times in the Bible. What is the significance of the expression? This essay explores this issue.