• Examine me, Lord — A Study of Psalm 26

    Psalm 26 is a brief (twelve verses) but delightful psalm (i.e., in poetic form) in which the author petitions his God for protection from some threatening, deadly force. Hence, he will argue his case to the Lord in the hope ... read more »

  • The Plague of Perversion

    One of the most potentially devastating movements to evolve from the environment of human degeneracy in recent decades is the so-called “Gay Movement.” The homosexual “lifestyle,” with considerable support from the entertainment industry, and significant publicity from the news media, ... read more »

  • Rachel’s Tears

    Rachel was the wife of Jacob (grandson of Abraham) and the mother of two sons-Joseph and Benjamin. Her name is found more than forty times in the Old Testament. In giving birth to Benjamin she died, and was buried near ... read more »

  • The New Testament Compared to Classical Literature

    The amazing preservation of the New Testament documents can perhaps be appreciated best by comparing the evidence for their authenticity with that available for the works produced by the classical writers of antiquity. One of the greatest textual critics of ... read more »

  • More Evolutionary Nonsense

    Those who subscribe to Darwin's theory of organic evolution continue to frantically look for evidence to undergird their baseless ideas. Their panic is fueled by the acceleration of scientific data that establish how very complex our universe is. The probability ... read more »

  • The Necessity and Reality of a Sinless Savior

    Was he, or was he not? Was Jesus of Nazareth a perfect man, completely flawless both spiritually and morally? The importance of this question cannot be exaggerated. If he was not, the whole of humanity is hopelessly and eternally lost. ... read more »

  • A Warning to a Wayward Church

    Chapters two and three of the book of Revelation contain a series of seven letters. These issued from the resurrected-ascended Christ himself, and were directed to seven representative congregations of the Roman province of Asia. The sacred record affirms that ... read more »

  • Lipscomb University and the Christian Scholars Conference

    The Christian Scholars Conference (CSC) convened in June, 2008 on the campus of Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee (formerly known as David Lipscomb University). With support from several sister schools, e.g., Pepperdine University, Abilene Christian University, Oklahoma Christian University, and ... read more »

  • California High Court Wrong Again

    The California Supreme Court again has demonstrated what an inept conglomerate of jurists it is. In an August 18th decision that once more assaults religious freedom, the court came down with a “wrong,” not “right,” decision. In its unanimous judgment, ... read more »

  • An Analysis of Romans 14

    The fourteenth chapter of the book of Romans is an intriguing piece of literature. Often misunderstood, frequently abused, it offers much instruction for the spiritually minded student. It confronts a variety of issues. The text arises out of a transitional ... read more »