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Who’s the Boss?

Two boys were working on a go-cart in the garage. Their sister went out to call them in for dinner. "It's time to come in and get cleaned up for dinner," she demanded. They didn't budge, much less acknowledge her presence. In a few minutes, she returned. "Mom said it's time for dinner."Suddenly, they paid attention (Tedd Tripp. Shepherding a ... read more »

What Is the Meaning of “Corban”?

"In Mark 7:11-12 Christ condemns the Pharisees for rejecting the commandment of God by their tradition. What specifically were the Pharisees teaching in these two verses? What is Corban?" In order to understand the situation under consideration, the entire context must be viewed. It reads as follows. And there are gathered together unto him the Pharisees, and certain of the ... read more »

Babies: Those “Awful” Creatures!

A sincere person has had a difficult time in dealing with his infant children. In his frustration, he has accepted a theological position that is not in harmony with the Scriptures. He believes that babies are sinners. He does not impute to them the guilt of Adam's sin (as many religious people customarily do); rather, he charges that infants are ... read more »

Belly-button Rings and Low-rider Jeans

It was once the case that the only time "love-handles" were exposed in public was when an overweight plumber was struggling to repair the faucet (no offense to plumbers intended). These days, every other teen-age girl at the mall is wearing her favorite pair of "I wear a size 8, but the 6's fit so tight, I went ahead and ... read more »

Original Sin and a Misapplied Passage

The doctrine of original sin-the notion that one is born into this world hereditarily totally depraved-is widely believed in the religious world. For example, the Augsburg Confession of Faith (1530), Lutheranism's creed, asserted: [A]ll men, born according to nature, are born with sin, that is, without the fear of God, without confidence towards God and with concupiscence, and that this ... read more »

What About the Baptism of Young Children?

"A young child (in this case, seven years old) wants to be baptized because he heard his mother say that those who are not baptized cannot go to heaven. He is an intelligent little boy with a wonderful, pure heart, and he cried when he heard his mother say what she did. He is serious about this issue and keeps ... read more »

Jesus Christ: Pioneer in Human Development

There is very little information in the New Testament regarding the first thirty years of Jesus' life upon this earth. And that is not without purpose. The details of those early years are obviously not essential to the divine scheme of redemption. The fact is, the brevity of the Gospel narratives provides subtle evidence of biblical inspiration. Mere human authors ... read more »

Matthew 2:19-20 – The Death of Herod the Great

Herod, popularly known as "the great," is given considerable space in the New Testament (see Matthew 2). He was an Idumean (a descendant of Esau) by ancestry. After the death of Julius Caesar, Herod was appointed "king of the Jews," though his administration was not formally secured until after a series of military victories consummated by the capture of Jerusalem ... read more »

What About the “Sword” of the “Prince of Peace”?

How do you harmonize the Bible passage that supposedly represents Jesus as the "Prince of Peace" with Christ's own statement, "Do not think that I came to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace but a sword"? Let us consider each of these passages within its respective and immediate context. The former is from the book of ... read more »

Questions About Melchizedek

"Some allege that the mysterious 'Melchizedek,' whom Abraham met when returning from the rescue of Lot, was a physical manifestation of the pre-incarnate Christ. Would you comment on this?" It certainly is true that there were numerous pre-incarnate (i.e., "before the flesh") appearances of the Lord Jesus during Old Testament times. (See: A Brief Study of The Angel of Jehovah ... read more »