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The Shocking New “Christian” Generation

Perhaps the title of this article needs some definition. By "generation" I am speaking of that group of people from the mid-teens, to those who are around thirty years of age. The term "Christian" is used both relatively and specifically; by that I mean it is employed generically of some who are denominationalists, but who nominally identify with "Christianity." Specifically, ... read more »

An Analysis of the “Salvation Army”

Street corner bands, trucks collecting repairable items, red kettles, ringing bells at Christmas time, and soup lines are well-known marks of the internationally publicized Salvation Army. This is an organization that is hailed as a paragon of virtue by most religious people. The Salvation Army is widely acclaimed for its charitable thrust. It operates hostels for homeless men and women, ... read more »

The Value of the Kingdom of Heaven

As the Lord's ministry progressed, the hostility of the Jewish leaders intensified. Accordingly, at a certain point in time, Jesus began to teach in parables. Christ's parables were human stories with a heavenly meaning. Their design was two-fold. First, his parables effectively communicated divine truths to those who were honest of heart. Second, the story form concealed those truths from ... read more »

Are We Hooking Our Kids on Drugs?

What's going on in this country? Thousands and thousands of our youngest children are now being sedated. Parents can't control them. They can't motivate them. They don't understand them. They can't cope with them. They are frustrated, and at their wits' end as to what to do. And so what do they do? All too frequently, at the behest of ... read more »

Help Me, Doctor!

On August 19, 1999, Dr. Joseph Bruner operated on little Samuel Armas to repair a diagnosed fatal case of spina bifida at Vanderbuilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. What was unusual about this surgery was that it was performed while Samuel was still inside his mother's womb. An incredible photograph taken during the surgery appeared to suggest that little Samuel was ... read more »

The Tamar Case: A Precedent for Christians?

A magazine that is directed to Christian women has a column in which "Opinion" responses to timely questions of interest are invited. A recent question posed for consideration was this: "How do you feel about a couple using extraordinary means to become pregnant?" One reader responded as follows: "There are many examples in the Bible of those who used extraordinary ... read more »

Richard Dawkins – God Hater

Richard Dawkins is a former professor at the University of California at Berkeley; more recently he was a lecturer in "animal behavior" at Oxford University in England. Currently Dawkins is a "Professor of the Public Understanding of Science" at the same institution. His main passion is spitting venom towards the God he believes does not exist. This is much like ... read more »

An Atheist’s Daughter

Bertrand Russell (1872-1970), a British mathematician and philosopher, was applauded as one of the world's profound thinkers. In 1959 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature on the basis that he was "a defender of humanity and freedom of thought." He authored more than 40 books covering such subjects as philosophy, education, sex, and morality. Religious Philosophy At times, ... read more »

A Study of Samson: Faith and Folly

The eleventh chapter of the book of Hebrews has often been called the biblical "Hall of Fame," or "Hall of Faith." The stories of those Old Testament heroes that adorn this section of scripture have thrilled our hearts since we were children. When one sees names such as Abraham, Joseph, and Moses, he does not wonder at their appearance. On ... read more »

Teaching Youth the Work Ethic

My father was not a Christian. Occasionally, he expressed doubt about the existence of God. I never heard him pray, and he never taught the Bible to me. But I loved him and he loved me. He did teach me some important values, not the least of which was the worth of honest, diligent labor. In other words, the dignity ... read more »