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Making Merchandise of the Gospel

The world is constantly looking for flaws in those who set themselves forth as teachers of the Christian cause. It is not uncommon to observe that some religious leaders have exploited the “gospel” for their own financial interests.
This brief article addresses this issue.


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Matthew Henry: Commentator for the Common Person

Matthew Henry’s commentaries on the Bible have been popular for some three centuries. They provide devotional material that refreshes the spirit. The Bible student may wish to know something of Henry’s background.

Translating Bapto

Why do most modern translations use the word baptize, an anglicized Greek word, rather than translating the Greek word into English?

What Is the Meaning of Proverbs 14:4?

There are many passages in the Bible that seem out of place for a Holy book. Proverbs 14:4 is one of these. But when one considers the true scope of Divine revelation, it is easy to understand the relevance of such obscure verses.

The Responsibility of the Bible Teacher

The church is facing a crisis in the early days of this new millennium. There is a drastic shortage of qualified Bible class teachers. Church leaders need to train new teachers, and those already in that capacity need to take their jobs seriously.

Addicted to Me

Meth ... pot ... fentanyl ... or “ME”? Which addiction has more victims?

Are the Dead Conscious?

There is an ongoing controversy in the religious community as to whether or not human beings, after death, exist in a state of consciousness.

The Judas Make-Over

Judas Iscariot, the betrayer of Christ, was one of the most despicable characters ever to disgrace the human family. Why has it become so fashionable to attempt a rehabilitation of this culprit? Because perverse men delight in calling darkness light, and light darkness.

My Husband Is a Snake

When people refuse to accept the true God, they can resort to the worship of most anything in an effort to satisfy their spiritual instinct. Read of one such bizarre case that recently attracted public attention.

The Corrupt “Incorruptible” Argument Against Baptism

A critic has disputed the biblical position that water baptism is requisite for the forgiveness of sins. He contends that one cannot be saved by a “corruptible” method. But “water” is corruptible. Thus, it has no place in the plan of redemption. Does the argument have merit? Read this article and see.

The ACLU – Bible Enemy No. 1

What a perverse operation it is, when the ACLU uses the Bible—which it detests so much—as a money-raising scheme for its God-dishonoring agenda.

Is It Okay to Lie Sometimes?

Obfuscation is a type of lying. It is a form of lying that attempts to “sneak” around the truth without being so blatant. This article addresses this type of under-the-table dishonesty.