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What About Social Drinking and the Old Testament?

A brother argues that Deuteronomy 14:26 proves that the use of alcoholic drinks is not sinful, otherwise the Lord would not have sanctioned it. Would you comment on this?" The text of Deuteronomy 14:26 reads as follows: "And thou shalt bestow that money for whatsoever thy soul lusteth after, for oxen, for sheep, or for wine, or for strong drink, ... read more »

May a Minister “Opt Out” of Social Security?

"Is it scriptural for a preacher to choose not to be under Social Security? The government allows this, but only on the grounds of 'conscience.' Some brethren are opposed to this. They argue that: (1) The exemption constitutes preferential treatment for preachers; (2) If a minister doesn't have Social Security, the church would have to support him when he is ... read more »

Making Merchandise of the Gospel

The Scriptures clearly teach that one who labors extensively to study and teach the gospel, thus depriving himself of a regular income, has the right to be supported financially by those to whom the instruction is imparted. It is his "right" (1 Corinthians 9:4-6), and it is his students' "responsibility." Paul spends a considerable portion of the ninth chapter of ... read more »

Is Gambling a Moral Issue?

Michael Fitzgerald is an award-winning columnist for The Record, a leading newspaper for the north-central region of the sprawling San Joaquin Valley [Stockton, California]. Some time ago, he penned an article addressing the growing encroachment of gambling casinos in California. While gambling casinos generally are not legal in California, in recent years they have been sanctioned on behalf of various ... read more »

An Analysis of the “Salvation Army”

Street corner bands, trucks collecting repairable items, red kettles, ringing bells at Christmas time, and soup lines are well-known marks of the internationally publicized Salvation Army. This is an organization that is hailed as a paragon of virtue by most religious people. The Salvation Army is widely acclaimed for its charitable thrust. It operates hostels for homeless men and women, ... read more »

The ACLU – Bible Enemy No. 1

In some public schools, it's a science textbook. What's taught in Sunday school shouldn't be taught in Monday through Friday school. But that's exactly what's happening. School officials that impose their religious beliefs on your children are in direct violation of the First Amendment. Help us defend your rights. Support the ACLU (quoted from; emphasis original). The foregoing text ... read more »

The Responsibility of the Bible Teacher

There is a great honor attached to teaching the Word of God. This exercise is the most sacred trust one can imagine. Unfortunately, there are those, on occasion, who want the honor that attends that lofty role, yet they are unwilling to pay the price that accompanies the responsibility. What are some of the costs that accompany this sober responsibility? ... read more »

The Rationale for Evaluating Political Leaders

Jeroboam II was the 13th ruler of the northern kingdom of Israel.He reigned for some forty-one years (793-753 B.C.) - during those days when both Jonah and Amos were doing their prophetic work.His reign was one of the most prosperous in the 250-year history of northern Israel.He successfully conducted wars against Syria, and he re-captured territory that Israel had not ... read more »

My Husband Is a Snake

Human beings instinctively are worshiping creatures. Generally speaking, if a person does not worship God, he will worship something else. It could be the sun, a tree, money, or self. Human degeneracy knows no limit. The apostle Paul addressed the issue in the opening segment of his epistle to the saints in Rome. He pointed out that the Creator made ... read more »

1 Corinthians 6 – No Shield for Lawbreakers

Recently I received a letter from a brother in a distant state. He was seeking my advice with reference to 1 Corinthians 6:1ff-Paul' s prohibition against taking a brother to law. Here is his story. He was employed by a state agency, but he had two brothers in Christ who were his immediate supervisors. He says they were very superficial, ... read more »