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BLAME IT ON RELIGION: Dawkins’ “Missile” a Dud

Richard Dawkins is advertised as a professor of "animal behavior" at Oxford University. He is one of the world's most vocal advocates of the theory of evolution. As a result of his ingestion of the dogmatic, yet unproved, assumptions of Darwin, somewhere along the way in his intellectual and emotional development, Dawkins became an atheist. In one of his books ... read more »

The Middle East Conflict

There is an old saying: "No one can unscramble scrambled eggs."That cliche is true.And in no circumstance is the application of that quip more apropos than in the current Middle East conflagration. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a "scrambled" mess that has a meager possibility of resolution in the foreseeable future.The blood-thirsty Palestinians, with their Muslim background, would like to see ... read more »

What About the Bible and Slavery?

"Can you explain Leviticus 25:44-45? This passage seems to indicate that the Jews were allowed to buy slaves?" The issue of slavery in the ancient world is a complex one. The practices and regulations regarding this long-standing institution must be viewed in light of the rather unrefined ages in which the relationship of slavery prevailed. It may be stated with ... read more »

The Tamar Case: A Precedent for Christians?

A magazine that is directed to Christian women has a column in which "Opinion" responses to timely questions of interest are invited. A recent question posed for consideration was this: "How do you feel about a couple using extraordinary means to become pregnant?" One reader responded as follows: "There are many examples in the Bible of those who used extraordinary ... read more »

Is Suicide the Answer?

The term "suicide" derives from Latin roots, sui, "one's self," and caedere, "to kill." It is defined as the killing of one's self with malice aforethought, while in the possession of a sound mind. In some societies, both ancient and modern, suicide is seen as an honorable way to terminate one's earthly existence. The Greeks considered it a part of ... read more »

Do Human Beings Have an Immortal Soul?

A reader has alleged that the expression "immortal soul" is not consistent with biblical teaching. He contends that this concept is more akin to the pagan philosophy of Plato than to the Scriptures. The gentleman says that 1 Timothy 6:16 affirms that "only God" possesses "immortality," thus we, as humans, are not immortal. Further, he has suggested that since 1 ... read more »

Critical Theory Attacks Genesis 1 and 2

It is common for liberal critics of the Bible to assert that the book of Genesis contains two accounts of the creation. Allegedly, these two records reflect different authors, different time periods, etc. It is further charged that the narratives contradict each other in several particulars. The two accounts are supposed to involve Genesis 1:1-2:3 and Genesis 2:4-25. One author ... read more »

Was Mohammed the Prophet of Whom Moses Spoke?

"Deuteronomy 18:18 says that God would raise up a prophet like Moses from among their brothers. The Israelites (the Jews) and the Ishmaelites (Arabs) were brothers. The prophecy states that 'I will put my words in his mouth and he will tell them everything I command him.' "Moses was born with a human mother and father, he married, had children, ... read more »

Psalm 139 — A Magnificent Portrait of God

We love to go places and see things. We are amazed by awesome displays in nature. We view Yosemite Valley, the Grand Canyon, the Pacific Ocean, and the Giant Sequoia Redwoods with wonder. But who made them? As Paul suggested to the Athenians (Acts 17:24ff), let us contemplate the God who made heaven and earth. This is the theme of ... read more »

Questions from the Book of Romans

"Please explain the phrase 'law of sin' in Romans 7:25. Also, in what sense were the Gentiles under a 'law written in their hearts' during the time of the Mosaic era (Rom. 2:15)?" The Law of Sin It appears that the phrase "law of sin" is a figurative expression that describes the continuing urges of the flesh that war against ... read more »