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Is a Literal Interpretation of Genesis 1 Important?

"Many have advanced theories to stretch out the creation account from six, literal days (Gap Theory, Day-Age Theory), to millions or billions of years. As far as I have been able to ascertain, this is done to attempt a harmony between the Bible and evolutionary theory. When shown passages such as Exodus 20:11, many often retort that it doesn't matter ... read more »

Scientists “Xerox” First Human

A week ago, "Advanced Cell Technology", operating out of Worchester, Massachusetts, announced that a human being had been cloned in its laboratory. The news release sent shock waves across the country and around the world. Protests, from a wide variety of sources, have been enunciated. President George W. Bush denounced the practice, asserting that cloning a person, in his "judgment" ... read more »

The Hope of Immortality

Throughout the many centuries of earth's history, rational men and women have entertained the belief that death does not terminate human existence. A commonly shared conviction, of course, does not necessarily provide proof of a proposition. Before the age of scientific investigation, vast multitudes believed the earth to be flat, but such a persuasion did not alter reality of our ... read more »

What about those Gadarene Hogs?

"How does the Christian justify Jesus Christ who supposedly destroyed a large herd of pigs that did not even belong to him (Matthew 8:28-34)?" On the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee, Jesus encountered two men who were possessed of demons. [Note: Both Mark and Luke, in their parallel accounts, mention only one man (Mark 5:1-20; Luke 8:25-39). But ... read more »

The Philanthropic Nature of Christianity

When the divine Word (Jesus Christ) entered the world as a baby (Jn. 1:1, 14), he encountered an environment of harshness and cruelty. One has only to recall that the vicious Herod, fearing regal competition, commanded that all the males (two years and under) within the borders of Bethlehem be slain (Mt. 2:16). The Roman world was one of brutality ... read more »

Was Ahab Pro-Choice?

Ahab was the king of Israel. Wealth and power enabled him to do whatever he chose, and his lovely heathen wife reminded him of this fact. She asked rhetorically, "Do you now govern Israel?" (1 Kings 21:7). To the tyrant's disgrace, he coveted Naboth's vineyard. He put his face to the wall and would not eat when Naboth refused to ... read more »

He Restores My Soul

Psalm 23 is often called the "nightingale" song because, like the bird of that name, it sings so sweetly at the midnight hour. And life does have its midnight hours! In that song, the shepherd poet extols the qualities of the great Shepherd who, among other things, "restores my soul." Might we reflect upon this phrase momentarily? Soul In the ... read more »

Five Alleged Mistakes in the Bible

A recent article entitled Five Mistakes in Your Bible Translation which appeared in the Huffington Post , a liberal online newspaper, alleges that the Bible contains numerous translation errors. Let us consider some of the examples mentioned. Covet Doesn't Mean Covet Supposedly, the command, "You shall not covet" (Ex. 20:17), has been mistranslated. It really means "Don't take." Is that ... read more »

Three Dimensions of Love

The week prior to Jesus' crucifixion, commonly known as the Passion Week, was an emotionally charged period for the Son of God. Tuesday of that week was particularly controversial. Several members of various Jewish sects mounted argumentative assaults against Christ-with no success whatsoever, of course (see Matthew 22:15ff). In one of these instances, a Pharisee lawyer framed a question which ... read more »

The Ethics of Human Cloning

"Cloning" has been a volatile topic in the news of late. In England, for example, the House of Lords recently voted 212 to 92 in favor of promoting experiments which will attempt to clone human beings - even though a conglomerate of religious leaders (Roman Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and Sikhs) petitioned the politicians to pause and study the ethical ... read more »