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The Music-Authority Issue—Again

Did you ever encounter an "argument" so absolutely "off the wall" that you instinctively knew it really was unworthy of an acknowledgment, but, due to the bizarre novelty of it, you somehow felt drawn to a retort anyway? Such an experience recently robbed me of my will-power. A few weeks back, in our weekly Question & Answer column ("What about ... read more »

A Philosophy for Christian Living

Of all Paul's epistles, the letter to the church at Philippi is the most personal. It reveals more of the apostle's philosophy of life than any other. Within that treatise is this most enlightening affirmation. "Brethren, I count not myself yet to have laid hold: but one thing I do, forgetting the things which are behind, and stretching forward to ... read more »

The Sweet Fragrance of a Subtle Argument

The idea that there is an "entity" in man that survives the death of his body reaches far back into antiquity. The Egyptians, for example, in their religious ideology, believed in preserving the body as a future depository for the soul, hence, they utilized the process of embalming. Herodotus, the Greek historian, described in detail the Egyptian embalming process, even ... read more »

The Crucifixion of Christ: The Real Emphasis

Mel Gibson's extravaganza, "The Passion of the Christ," has made its public debut, and, contrary to the dire financial forecast of the liberal prognosticators, it is hundreds of millions of dollars. As expected, though, it has received mixed reviews. Some have charged that it is "anti-Semitic," that is, that it portrays a misleading view of the first-century Jews and, at ... read more »

The Significance of Small Things

After the Hebrew people had spent seventy years in Babylonian captivity (c. 606-536 B.C.), according to the prophecy of Jeremiah (Jer. 25:11), some 50,000 of them began a migration homeward to Canaan. Their leader was Zerubbabel, a prince of Judah. Haggai and Zachariah were contemporary prophets at this time. Haggai's mission was to encourage the Israelites to rebuild the sacred ... read more »

Are the Gospels a Part of the New Testament?

Jesus Christ taught that a person who divorces his or her marital companion and then marries another is living in a state of adultery-unless the divorce was initiated by an innocent victim whose trust had been violated by the sin of fornication (see Mt. 19:9; cf. 5:32). The implication of this statement, of course, is this. The innocent victim does ... read more »

LDS Baptism Annulled Due to Protest from Jews

Many people are aware of the unusual ritual of the Mormon Church in the practice of "proxy baptism." This is the notion that someone now living can be baptized on behalf of someone else who has long been dead. This idea, with due respect to our sincere "Latter-day Saint" friends, is wholly adverse to the teaching of the Scriptures. The ... read more »

The Song Police

I love my kinsmen in the Lord.But some of them tip the balance with slightly more zeal than knowledge. Musical Extremism Because of the indisputable liberalism that significantly has invaded the church in recent years, there has been a swinging of the pendulum towards the opposite extreme.Some appear to be searching for some "issue" to dispute, and not infrequently they ... read more »

Is There No Plan of Salvation for Angels?

"What is the meaning of Hebrews 2:16, 'For verily he took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham'?" In order to appreciate the passage (as much as is possible from the limited information available), one has to have a grasp of the argument that the inspired writer has made thus far ... read more »

The Nickel: A Story of How Little Words Can Cause Big Tears

My third grade teacher was Miss Crook. With an unusual name of that sort, some of the kids in our class had the unseemly habit of making up rhymes, incorporating her last name into the literary compositions. Not I, of course! Anyway, Miss Crook was a good teacher and we all liked her very much. One day she planned a ... read more »