The “Jehovah’s Witnesses” contend that Jesus Christ, prior to His incarnation, was Michael, the arch-angel. This assertion is completely baseless, and the first chapter of the book of Hebrews is a forceful refutation of this notion. Throughout this chapter the inspired writer is arguing that Jesus Christ is superior to angels.

Note these points:

  1. Christ is better than the angels (v. 4).
  2. He has a more excellent name than they (v. 4).
  3. God never said to angels: “You are my Son ...” – but He did say that of Jesus (v. 5).
  4. All angels (which would include Michael) are to worship Christ (v. 6).

  5. Angels are ministers, but the Son is God for ever and ever (vv. 7,8).

  6. No angel was ever commissioned to sit at the right hand of the Father, as was Christ (v. 13).

This context makes it perfectly plain that the Lord Jesus is not of the angel class. Somewhere in your margin, in connection with this chapter, record this note: Christ superior to angels – thus not of the angel class, as claimed by Watchtower Witnesses.