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    Crushing the Serpent’s Head: The Meaning of Genesis 3:15

    Genesis 3:15 is commonly called the "Protevangelium" - a term that essentially signifies the idea of "first gospel proclamation." In the American Standard Translation (1901), the text reads as follows: "and I will put enmity between thee and the woman, ... read more »

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    The Yoke of Christ

    Though the citizens of Galilee had observed Christ performing many mighty works, most of them were not moved to repentance (Matt. 11: 20ff). In spite of that spirit of rebellion, however, the Lord still invited them to: "Come unto me, ... read more »

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    May A Woman EVER Teach A Man?

    The pattern is common in Christian history. A religious leader will craft a doctrine that coincides with his theological perspective (based on a misunderstanding of a few Bible texts). Once a proposition is formulated, zealots forage through Scripture collecting passages ... read more »

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    What Must I Know To Be Saved?

    Three times in the book of Acts the question is posed concerning what one must "do" to be saved. The Jews, on the day of Pentecost, framed the question (Acts 2:37), as did Saul of Tarsus en route to Damascus ... read more »

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    Was Christ Mistaken About His Second Coming?

    The late Bertrand Russell of Great Britain was a confessed atheist and a bitter opponent of Christianity. He once wrote an essay entitled, Why I Am Not A Christian. A brief portion of that infamous literary (?) production was a ... read more »

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    Church Growth: By the Gospel or By Gimmicks?

    On the first Pentecost following the resurrection of the Lord, the church of Christ exploded in to existence. Under the supernatural influence of the Holy Spirit, the apostles, for the very first time, proclaimed the full facts of the gospel ... read more »

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    Our Eternal Abode

    It should be no surprise that the preoccupation with materialism that is characteristic of humanity has spilled over into religion. Some are so enamored with earth and its carnality, they long to remain here eternally. It is a cardinal doctrine ... read more »

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    The Value of the Kingdom of Heaven

    As the Lord's ministry progressed, the hostility of the Jewish leaders intensified. Accordingly, at a certain point in time, Jesus began to teach in parables. Christ's parables were human stories with a heavenly meaning. Their design was two-fold. First, his ... read more »

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    The Goodness of God and Eternal Punishment

    The late Bertrand Russell, a renowned British agnostic, wrote a small publication titled, Why I Am Not A Christian. One of the reasons he cited for his unbelief was that Jesus Christ taught that there is an eternal hell for ... read more »