The Preacher’s Private Life: Study Habits

This is the first of a series of guest “Feature” articles that we intend to publish in the months to come.Our initial writer for this series is Wendell Winkler of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Wendell Winkler is one of the most accomplished preachers in the body of Christ today.He has long been involved in the training of ministers of the gospel.He has proclaimed God’s truth from coast to coast.His talents are in great demand.

His organizational skills and powerful presentations make him a wonderful mentor to any brother who aspires to preach the unsearchable riches of Christ.We appreciate his willingness to contribute this masterful piece on the preacher and his study habits.


In the nature of the case, the preacher has certain peculiar challenges, opportunities and responsibilities.In this presentation we will discuss his study habits. Thus, as we begin, let us observe:

The Preacher Is to Study

Dry wells cannot give forth water. Brethren will not long come to stagnate pools to drink. We cannot teach what we do not know any more than we can come back from where we have not been. A part of our cranium is not so arranged that it can be detached and knowledge deposited. There is no royal road to learning. Shallow, repetitive preaching is inexcusable. The preacher, and the congregation for whom he preaches, is no stronger than the diet he consumes and he correspondingly feeds the local church. Each of these observations simply emphasizes the indispensable importance of the preacher being a serious student of the Word.

(1) What saith the scriptures? Though Timothy was a constant companion of the apostle Paul, and though the apostleas hands had been laid on him, resulting in the impartation/reception of some spiritual gift(s) (2 Tim. 1:6), Timothy was still instructed, Ã

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