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A brief survey on worship as taught in the Bible.

Are Modern Church Buildings Digressive?

Does the use of a modern church building constitute a digression of the divine pattern? Though some so claim, the New Testament does not support this notion.

Giving as an Expression of Worship

If the New Testament places upon the Christian the obligation to “give” of his means unto God, and he neglects that responsibility, he has refused to worship his Maker, at least in that respect.

Is the Church a Reed or a Pillar?

A reed is a symbol of instability; a pillar signifies a solid, immovable foundation. The church of today must ask: “Are we a ‘reed shaken in the wind’ or are we the ‘pillar and ground of the truth’”?

Is the Bible Class Arrangement Scriptural?

Are Bible classes, commonly called “Sunday school classes,” in harmony with the holy scriptures? Some contend they are not, and they have divided the church over this issue. Take a fresh look at this subject with a biblically based, common sense approach.

Responding to Critics on the “Instrumental Music” Issue

In the past we have published several articles dealing with the innovation of using mechanical instruments of music in Christian worship. These essays have generated a flood of critical responses. We have categorized these defensive arguments, and in this article we offer our rebuttal.