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Let Your Light Shine

Christ is the sole light that radiates divine truth and sustains life. He declared, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life" (John 8:12). True to Messianic prediction, the gospel message of Christ glows, shining forth into the world (Isaiah 49:6; Acts 13:47). He is the ... read more »

The Tomb Was Found Empty

Did the disciples steal the body, or was it the enemies who stole it? Maybe the women went to the wrong tomb. Or did Jesus pass out on the cross and revive in the tomb, having merely "swooned" on the cross? Did he roll the stone away from the inside and sneak off? The ramblings of skeptics have one thing ... read more »

That Nameless, Unreasoning, Unjustified Terror

What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of rejection; of not being loved? Are you afraid that change would bring about new failures? Would another personal defeat be unbearable? If it's the present you fear, or the future, you're not alone. You have lots of company-every man and woman on earth. Justifiable fear guards against recklessness. But that "nameless, ... read more »

Singin’ the Blues

Back in the 1950s Melvin Endsley wrote the song titled, "Singin' the Blues," which was so popular it was recorded by more than one hundred artists. The first line starts: "I never felt more like singin' the blues." That sentiment seems to afflict many these days. It probably has been the case that almost every generation feels negatively about the ... read more »

Jeremiah and Lamentations

Jeremiah is one of the more remarkable characters of the Bible. He might be characterized as a prophet of "tears and terror." At one moment, his great heart throbs with anguish over the wickedness of his national kinsmen, and we behold him weeping. If tears could have washed away Judah's sins, surely his would have done so. At another time, ... read more »

Is Suicide the Answer?

The term "suicide" derives from Latin roots, sui, "one's self," and caedere, "to kill." It is defined as the killing of one's self with malice aforethought, while in the possession of a sound mind. In some societies, both ancient and modern, suicide is seen as an honorable way to terminate one's earthly existence. The Greeks considered it a part of ... read more »

A Critical Look at Situation Ethics

Basically, there are three schools of thought regarding human moral responsibility. First, there is nihilism. Nihilism argues that there is no God, hence anything one wishes to do is permitted. There are no rules-absolutely none-for human conduct; according to this ideology, every person is a law unto himself. Second, there is relativism. Relativism contends that all conduct is relative to ... read more »

Living in Terror

A sincere woman has written asking for help.This week's Penpoints article addresses her inquiry. "Can you possibly help me?No matter what I do I cannot shake the feeling that I am lost.I cannot convince myself that God loves me, and that I can be forgiven of my sins.I live in depression almost constantly.Sometimes I don't want to live, but I ... read more »

Pass Over “The Passover Plot”

Many of the world's religions revolve around a person, and such persons are now entombed. These shrines are visited by interested followers to this day. Only Christianity claims the resurrection of its founder, and only Christ claimed to be the Son of God in the flesh. Therein, Christianity stands distinct from all other religions. Either Christ was raised from the ... read more »

Testing the Spirits

The power of the public speaker is enormous. Who can forget the swelling pride of the British during their darkest hour as they were led to the battle with the words of Churchill? Or the tremendous impact of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg? Even those who are not great orators wield significant influence over their listening audience. The bumbling Marshal Applewhite ... read more »