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Why Do You Refer to Israel as Palestine?

Why do you refer to Israel as Palestine (land of the Phillistines)? Should we not call the land by its biblical name, rather than by a name referencing its pagan dwellers? The fact is, there is no exclusive biblical name for that tiny territory (about the size of Massachusetts and Connecticut combined) that lies between the Jordan River and the ... read more »

Was Jehoshaphat King of Israel?

In 2 Chronicles 19:1, Jehoshaphat is called the "king of Judah," but in 2 Chronicles 21:2, he is called "king of Israel." Since the kings of Judah and the kings of Israel were of two different lines, is this a mistake in the Bible record? No, it is not a mistake. It is an example of the flexibility of biblical ... read more »

God and the Nation of Israel

Premillennialism is the notion that Jesus will return to this earth before he commences a one thousand-year reign on David's throne in Jerusalem. Premillennialism, and its theological sister, dispensationalism, argue that in connection with the second coming of Christ, God intends to reestablish a Jewish kingdom in Palestine. The doctrine contends that there is yet a purpose to be served ... read more »

The Latest Hagee Heresy: “In Defense of Israel”

John Hagee, the Pentecostal "pastor" of the 18,000-member Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas, has just issued a book titled, In Defense of Israel. Doubtless it will turn out to be the most sensational volume produced by the controversial preacher whose pro-state-of-Israel political agenda is fairly well known. A video promotion of the radical book, via the internet, has Hagee ... read more »

Genesis 15:18 – Will Israel Once Again Possess the Promised Land?

In Genesis 15, Jehovah made a promise to Abraham. He declared that the patriarch's seed would someday possess the territory between "the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates" (v. 18). Has the promise been fulfilled? Premillennialists contend that it has not. Of this passage, Allan Ross, of the Dallas Theological Seminary, writes: "Israel has never possessed ... read more »

Matthew 2:19-20 – The Death of Herod the Great

Herod, popularly known as "the great," is given considerable space in the New Testament (see Matthew 2). He was an Idumean (a descendant of Esau) by ancestry. After the death of Julius Caesar, Herod was appointed "king of the Jews," though his administration was not formally secured until after a series of military victories consummated by the capture of Jerusalem ... read more »

The Birthplace of Jesus: Bethlehem or Jerusalem?

"We have been asked to comment upon a claim made by a Mormon writer, namely the allegation that Joseph Smith did not err in his claim that Jesus was born in 'Jerusalem.'" For many years, critics of the Book of Mormon have called attention to a colossal blunder in that volume (but one of many), though the book claims to ... read more »

Hosea 3:5 – “David’s” Reign in the Latter Days

Every Old Testament book, to some extent, focuses upon the coming of Christ. This is no less true of the book of Hosea. Hosea was a prophet of God who spoke to the northern kingdom of Israel during the reign of Jeroboam II. His personal life was marred by tragedy in that his wife became unfaithful. But in spite of ... read more »

Malachi 1:2,3 – Jacob Loved, Esau Hated

The initial paragraph of Malachi's writing declares the great love that Jehovah had for the nation of Israel (1:1-5). When that announcement was made, however, the spiritually dull Hebrews asked, in effect, "Oh yeah, how have you loved us?" To illustrate his answer, Malachi calls attention to God's divergent uses of Jacob and Esau - in reality, the nation of ... read more »

Was God Cruel to Animals?

When the children of Israel were battling against the people of Canaan, God commanded them to "hough [hock] their horses" and burn their chariots (Joshua 11:6). What was the purpose in this? It seems both cruel and wasteful. Whenever a command of Jehovah appears frivolous or unreasonable, one needs to study more closely. The Lord always does what is right ... read more »