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Is a Child Who Commits Suicide Lost?

"We recognize that suicide is wrong, but what if a child takes his own life?" Let me approach this from two different vantage points: First, suicide, on the part of a responsible person, is clearly a sinful act. The Scriptures teach that life is a sacred gift from God (Acts 17:25), and no person has the arbitrary right to destroy ... read more »

Praying for the Dead

Whenever someone we love dies - in old age or tragically before their prime - our hearts cannot but anguish with those who are suffering soul-tearing losses. Some children have lost one or both parents. Husbands and wives have been robbed of loving mates. Others will never see brother or sister again. To describe separations like these as painful is ... read more »

Take Two of These and Don’t Call Me in the Morning

Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.?), a Greek physician who is known as the "father of medicine," formulated an oath which was the doctor's ethical guideline for many centuries. A portion of that oath pledged: I will give no deadly medicine to anyone if asked, nor suggest any such counsel. Many physicians of today's world have little regard for the moral maxims of ... read more »

B.C. Comic: Free Speech or Hate Speech?

Liberal journalists apparently think that the First Amendment of the Constitution is their private property. Radical libertarians can display their filth or insult - with a special vengeance - against the religion established by Jesus Christ, and there will be scarcely a ripple of criticism from the broad-minded crowd. However, when something is published that contains a strong Christian affirmation, ... read more »

An Exchange with Professor Wallace of the Dallas Seminary

In a previous article titled: Dallas Professor Rebuffs Common Quibble on Eis , we reviewed some material in Daniel Wallace's excellent book, Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics (Zondervan, 1996). We identified Dr. Wallace as a "Baptist," and we used the expression "the Baptist Dallas Theological Seminary." Our Mistakes We have received a communication from Professor Wallace correcting us in two ... read more »

Jesus Christ: Approved, Disapproved, and Proved

One of the most illustrious discourses adorning the Book of Acts is Peter's proclamation on the day of Pentecost. We do not, of course, possess the entirety of the words and events of that remarkable day described in Acts 2. It is not revealed, for example, what the apostles were preaching in those new languages when they were accused of ... read more »

Will Wicked People Be Annihilated in Hell?

Why do you believe that those who die lost will be consciously punished eternally, when the Bible says they will be "destroyed" (Matthew 10:28)? The question clearly indicates that the author is a conditionalist. A conditionalist is one who believes that at some point following death, those who die estranged from God will be annihilated, i.e., cease to exist. This ... read more »

1 Thessalonians 4 – Hope in Christ

The Christians in the city of Thessalonica were apparently disturbed about several uncertainties which they entertained concerning their loved ones who had died in the Lord. Hence, Paul gave them brief instruction regarding this matter and concluded by suggesting: "Wherefore comfort one another with these words" (1 Thessalonians 4:18). Words, especially those of the Holy Scriptures, do have the power ... read more »

The Case of Eutychus

As Paul was concluding his third missionary campaign, he, along with eight traveling companions, came to Troas on the western coast of provincial Asia (Acts 20:6). Here they waited for seven days, finally meeting with the saints of that city on Sunday. It may have been early evening when the assembly convened. At some point the brethren ate the Lord's ... read more »

Psalm 95 — A Message of Urgency

Though the superscription of the Old Testament text does not assign it to a particular author, the New Testament attributes Psalm 95 to David (cf. Heb. 4:7). And while it dates three millennia ago, it contains exhortation as valuable for us today as for the generation of the shepherd king. Psalm 95 rather easily divides into three sections. First, there ... read more »