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Created in the Image of God

The first chapter of Genesis is a literary phenomenon. Though written 3,500 years ago, it still is unblemished in its accuracy and sublimeness of presentation. Some years back, one of the world's foremost archaeologists declared that: "modern cosmogonies show such a disconcerting tendency to be short-lived that it may be doubted whether science has yet caught up with the Biblical ... read more »

Meet Ted Turner—Thanks, I’d Rather Not!

"Meet Ted Turner," is the title of a major article in the September issue of Reader's Digest. My first impression when I saw that headline, was: "I'd rather not!" - because the man is a disgusting combination of egotism and infidelity. A lot of people grovel at his feet because he is one of America's richest men. He has a ... read more »

Science and Faith: The Budding Romance

"Science Finds God"-so the headline announced in a past issue of Newsweek magazine (Begley 1998, 47ff). The piece began: The achievements of modern science seem to contradict religion and undermine faith. But for a growing number of scientists, the same discoveries offer support for spirituality and hints [sic] of the very nature of God. Earlier, U.S. News & World Report ... read more »

Must We Do Something To Receive the Free Gift of Salvation?

"Paul says that we are 'freely' justified (Rom. 3:24), and later he describes salvation as a 'free gift' (Rom. 6:23). Why do some claim that one must 'do' something, such as be baptized, in order to be saved?" There are several factors to be considered in responding to this excellent question. Reflect upon the following: Salvation is wonderfully described in ... read more »

Is It Appropriate to Worship Jesus?

"Some of the songs we sing in worship address Christ. Is it appropriate to worship Jesus?" It is not surprising that some cultists, who deny the deity of Christ, should eschew the worship of the Lord. What is shocking is the fact that some-who are quite sincere, but who ought to know better, and hopefully will learn better-are expressing themselves ... read more »

Steve Allen’s Attack upon the Bible

Steve Allen was an accomplished composer (he wrote somefour thousand songs). He was also a popular comedian (having hosted The Tonight Show and The Steve Allen Comedy Hour). While these accomplishments have been rehearsed in light of his recent death, few recognize that he was a humanistic philosopher of sorts. He had a vengeance toward the Bible that may be ... read more »

What Is Leviathan?

"What is the leviathan mentioned in Job, chapter 41?" In this section of the book of Job, there is a record of God's interrogation of the patriarch of Uz. Job had criticized Jehovah, claiming that the Lord had been mistreating him (he had, in fact, suffered much). The Lord vigorously questioned the ancient sage in an effort to demonstrate to ... read more »

Can God Be Seen?

"In the sermon on the mount, Jesus taught: 'Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God' (Mt. 5:8). This statement appears to conflict with other passages. For example, Paul wrote that no man has seen God, or can see him (1 Tim. 6:16). How are these verses to be reconciled?" When Paul affirmed that no human being ... read more »

What About the Terms “Godhead” And “Trinity”?

"Often I hear about the 'Godhead' or the 'Trinity.' My questions are: What do these terms mean?Are these purely man-made doctrines, or do they have a Scriptural basis?" The term "Godhead" is found three times in the King James Version of the Bible (Acts 17:29; Rom. 1:20; Col. 2:9).In Acts 17:29 the Greek term is theion, signifying "divinity" or "the ... read more »

Were Old Testament Sexual Regulations Unreasonable?

"In the preparation for receiving the Law from Mt. Sinai, Moses commanded all married Israelites to abstain from sexual relations for three days (Exodus 19:15)?Why was that?Could not some interpret this as an unhealthy attitude toward sex?" Some critics, ever anxious to involve the Scriptures in difficulty, have so charged, but the allegation will not stand under careful scrutiny. The ... read more »