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A Simple Study of the Word “Must”

God has communicated somewhat of himself abstractly through the created order of things (Psalm 19:1). He has made his will known concretely by means of words. Christ rebuked the Jews for ignoring the logical connection between Moses' "writings" and his own "words" (John 5:46-47). He declared that his "words are spirit, and are life" (John 6:63). Paul affirmed that the ... read more »

Stephen’s Final Prayer

Stephen is widely known as the first Christian martyr. He is mentioned initially as one of the seven servants who ministered to the Grecian widows in the Jerusalem church (Acts 6:1-6). These were Jews born outside of Palestine who frequently returned to the Holy Land in their declining years, to die and there, be buried. Beyond the exercise of his ... read more »

May A Woman EVER Teach A Man?

The pattern is common in Christian history. A religious leader will craft a doctrine that coincides with his theological perspective (based on a misunderstanding of a few Bible texts). Once a proposition is formulated, zealots forage through Scripture collecting passages that conflict with their theory, mercilessly twisting them into submission. Born out of a misdirected defense of New Testament teaching ... read more »

Is God Exclusive?

Mike Rappaport is a journalist who writes a regular column for the Ontario, California Daily Bulletin. A recent piece (11/12/98) was titled, "If God isn't exclusive, why are some believers convinced they're the only ones who are right?" In this essay, the columnist makes several statements worthy of examination. Rappaport tells of a conversation he had with a four-year-old girl, ... read more »

Are Infants “by Nature” Children of Wrath?

During a speech some time back before the American Humanist Association, television mogul Ted Turner leveled a blast at Christianity for its alleged doctrine that infants are born in sin. The fact is, though this teaching is popular with certain denominational groups, it is unknown to the Bible. However, a few biblical passages are perverted in a futile attempt to ... read more »

The Sexual Orientation Controversy

Ever since the 1970s, most psychotherapists have been telling the American public that homosexuality is a genetic condition, like being right-handed or left-handed. According to these "experts," sexual orientation is not something one can change. Some of the major studies reflecting these opinions have been done, of course, by the homosexuals themselves. Accordingly, the standard line of psycho-dribble is that ... read more »

Why Racists Hate Christianity

On the Fourth of July weekend in 1999, a young man named Benjamin Nathaniel Smith went on a murderous rampage. He wounded nine people and killed two, before turning the gun upon himself. He was a hate-filled, unhappy person. Prior to his death, Smith was interviewed for a documentary by a student filmmaker. In that interview, he revealed a bitter ... read more »

The Jesus Seminar Strikes Again

Elsewhere, we have dealt with the so-called Jesus Seminar (see part one ). The seminar is a panel of liberal theologians who have commissioned themselves for a cut-and-paste job on the text of the New Testament. With an arrogance that is exceeded only by their ignorance (or vice versa), they purport to present a "new Jesus" to the world of ... read more »

Aid or Addition — What Is the Difference?

A kindly gentleman replies: "Because musical instruments are not authorized by the New Testament, hence, they are additions to the divine pattern which prescribes Christian worship." But the intrigued visitor probes further: "Why then do you use song books? Aren't these also additions?" "No, the brother replies, "our song books are merely aids; there's a difference between an addition and ... read more »

Al Gore on Evolution and School Violence

While Al Gore was vice-president of the United States, he deserved due respect because of the position he held. This is the biblical teaching of Romans 13:1ff. When Paul wrote that epistle, one of the worst rulers in history, Nero Caesar, was on the imperial throne. And yet the inspired apostle suggested that even he was entitled to "honor" (13:7)-not ... read more »