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Is Lust Fornication?

The word "fornication" derives from the Greek term porneia, one of a cognate group of five words that together occur fifty-five times in the New Testament. The noun form is found twenty-five times, predominately in the letters of Paul. The word is generic in scope in that it refers to a variety of physical sexual acts between persons who are ... read more »

Jeremiah 7:31 – Does “Silence” Prohibit?

There are many who repudiate the prohibitive force of the silence of the Scriptures.Though they concede that an action is forbidden if there is a specific "thou shalt not," they confidently declare that if the Bible is silent upon a particular issue, one is granted the liberty to act.The question thus becomes - does silence have a negating mood? We ... read more »

Rationalizing Human Behavior

Are human beings responsible for their personal conduct? Some contend they are not. Others, though claiming that people are morally responsible for their actions, teach ideas that are inconsistent with personal accountability. Evolutionary Dogma The theory of evolution alleges that human beings are descended from brute beasts, hence supposedly have derived violent inclinations from an animal ancestry. Clarence Darrow, the ... read more »

The Skeptics’ Bogus Bounty

The skeptics have placed a "bounty" on my head. Well, in a manner of speaking. They've offered me a bounty of $2,000 if I will accept their challenge. But let me give you a bit of background. Some years ago a former preacher and missionary associated with the churches of Christ "soured," and, so far as anyone knows, abandoned any ... read more »

While He Was Yet Speaking

The book of Job is one of the greatest literary pieces of all time. It is sometimes classified as a tragedy. Though he was faithful in his service to God, the great patriarch of Uz suffered a series of devastating, rapid-fire blows-instigated by Satan, but allowed by God. A messenger brought Job the news of an initial loss, and "while ... read more »

What About Those After Death Visits to the Other Side?

Increasingly there are news reports concerning those who have had "mystical" experiences in which they claim to have visited the "other side," i.e., they died for a short period of time during some health crisis, and then returned to tell all about it. Psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross (1926-2004) was highly acclaimed for her work with the terminally ill. Some of her ... read more »

The Value of Morning

Early morning has always been my favorite time of day. From my youngest years I was an early riser. As a boy it was my job to get up at dawn to feed the livestock on our little country place in Tennessee. When I grew a little older, in the early hours I would ride my bike into the small ... read more »

Is God “Schizoid”?

A confused writer poses this seeming problem for the Bible student. "I am one of those people who has questions about the God of the Old Testament.For instance; the God of the Old Testament told people to stone sinners to death, while Jesus in the New Testament said not to do this thing. This is not God being the same ... read more »

He Restores My Soul

Psalm 23 is often called the "nightingale" song because, like the bird of that name, it sings so sweetly at the midnight hour. And life does have its midnight hours! In that song, the shepherd poet extols the qualities of the great Shepherd who, among other things, "restores my soul." Might we reflect upon this phrase momentarily? Soul In the ... read more »

Is America Too Big to Fail?

For the past year or more of campaigning, we have been bombarded daily with news about our nation's terrible economic condition. Here in California, we've seen our property values plummet and our fuel prices soar to record levels over the summer. Now our unemployment rates are skyrocketing and our state government is on the brink of bankruptcy due to overwhelming ... read more »