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Growing Doubts about the Resurrection of the Dead

In his defense before Agrippa, Paul asked his Jewish audience: "Why is it judged incredible with you, if God doth raise the dead?" (Acts 26:8). There have always been those who found the concept of the bodily resurrection incredible, i.e., unbelievable, and their modern counterparts are appearing increasingly-even in today's church. False Ideas The ancient Greeks disdained the notion that ... read more »

Is Taking an Oath in Court or Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance Forbidden?

"In James 5:12, Christians are commanded not to swear any oath. Does this mean that we should not submit to practices such as swearing an oath of honesty in a court of law, or pledging allegiance to the American flag? Furthermore, is it also wrong to say 'I promise . . .'? I have never heard any Christian speaking against ... read more »

JUSTIFICATION: By Faith or Works?

Is justification from sin by faith or works? Does it result from neither, one as opposed to the other, or both? One would expect that such a fundamental question could be answered clearly and confidently, with a united declaration, by those who profess a devout regard for the testimony of the Scriptures. Sadly, such is not the case. The more ... read more »

Is the Bible Creation Account a Myth?

A student in my Bible class says he believes that the Genesis account of the creation may be a myth, or at least just symbolism. How do I respond to him? There are several lines of evidence which may be employed to show that the Genesis record of the creation is not a myth, nor is it symbolic. First, though, ... read more »

A Skeptic Reflects upon Jesus Christ

Charles Templeton is very sick. Now in his 80s, and afflicted with Alzheimers disease, Templeton hasn't long to live and he knows it. And he is dying with a poignancy of soul that can only be described as truly pathetic. But let us go back across the years for a moment. There was a time when Charles Templeton was one ... read more »

Language Keys that Unlocked the Past

The Bible is a book of ancient history. Some of its literature goes back at least fifteen centuries before the birth of Christ. The Old Testament is largely the story of the Hebrew nation and the role this people would play in the unfolding purpose of God for human redemption. The culmination of the heavenly plan, of course, was in ... read more »

Does the Operation of the Spirit Precede Faith?

"Do John 1:11-13 and John 8:47 teach that a person must have a direct operation of the Holy Spirit in order to believe the gospel?" Two things must be borne in mind in addressing any controversial passage: One must determine the meaning of a verse by looking at the immediate context.No interpretation can be placed upon a difficult passage that ... read more »

Have You Checked Those Numbers Lately?

Many people are "numbers-conscious" these days. We keep an eye on that blood pressure. It should be under 130/85. We watch our cholesterol; it ought be below 200. Some need to monitor their blood sugar. Between 80-120 is normal for early morning. When a child is sick, we get concerned when his temp goes much above 98.6. But what about ... read more »

Liberalism’s Manipulation of Scripture

"Liberalism" (in the classical sense of the word) is a rather flexible term that reflects an ideological disposition that developed in the 1800s, and reached an intense level in America during the days preceding World War II. Increasingly, it has found its way among the people of God. Theological "liberalism" is characterized by several arrogant attitudes. Liberalism seeks to establish ... read more »

To What Law Were the Ancient Gentiles Accountable?

"In the Old Testament era, the Jews lived under the law of Moses. But what about the ancient Gentiles? To what law were they responsible?" This is a question that is puzzling to many Bible students. Let us develop some foundational points that will help in supplying an answer to this question. The Law of Moses The Hebrew nation was ... read more »