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Changing Attitudes Concerning Abortion

According to a recent issue of U.S. News & World Report (March 1, 1999), Faye Wattleton, former head of Planned Parenthood, was "crushed" when she learned that America's views on abortion are shifting, apparently toward a more conservative posture. In an article titled, "The Joy of Sexual Values," senior writer John Leo says that Wattleton's new group, the Center for ... read more »

Thinking Straight About Abortion

Each time a significant election draws near, the topic of abortion comes to the forefront, although the issue is rather muted currently. Apparently it is a theme from which most politicians had rather maintain a safe distance. The feeling is that no one could be elected in this amoral society of ours if he adopted a strict and consistent pro-life ... read more »

The Partial-Birth Abortion Controversy

Insensitivity to the sacredness of human life comes in increments. During the German holocaust of World War II, Nazi soldiers who were involved in exterminations at the concentration camps soon found that after killing hundreds and hundreds of men, it presently generated little concern to execute either women or children. The conscience becomes dulled and eventually reaches a point of ... read more »

Does Exodus 21 Sanction Abortion?

Some Bible teachers say that Exodus 21:22-23 implies that the life of a fetus is not in the same qualitative category as that of its pregnant mother. Would you comment on this? This is a common rationalization of those who seek some biblical justification for the practice of abortion. It is a theory without merit. The passage in the book ... read more »

Are Contraception and Abortion Siamese Twins?

I have the greatest respect for Dr. Paul Marx, founder of Human Life International. He has produced much good material which argues for the sanctity of human life and exposes the evil of infanticide (via abortion) and euthanasia. But the gentleman exceeds appropriate bounds when he argues that "widespread contraception always leads to abortion" (1999, 9), though he concedes this ... read more »

The Link between Evolution and Abortion

Many people do not realize that there is a nexus between belief in the theory of evolution, and the horrible practice of abortion - at least in the minds of some. A common argument popularly employed in defense of the theory of evolution - especially in years past - is the "recapitulation" principle. Technically it is known as "ontogeny [individual ... read more »

President Obama Calls for Debate on Abortion

On the day following his controversial appearance at Notre Dame University's commencement ceremonies (May 17, 2009), newspaper headlines touted his speech at the influential Catholic institution: "Obama calls for sensible abortion debate." This came after days of protesting, followed by a number of arrests and jail-time-including former presidential candidate, Alan Keyes, and a popular Catholic priest. Perhaps a "sensible abortion ... read more »

Help Me, Doctor!

On August 19, 1999, Dr. Joseph Bruner operated on little Samuel Armas to repair a diagnosed fatal case of spina bifida at Vanderbuilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. What was unusual about this surgery was that it was performed while Samuel was still inside his mother's womb. An incredible photograph taken during the surgery appeared to suggest that little Samuel was ... read more »

Proverbs 6:17 – Hands that Shed Innocent Blood

In this blunt context, there is a brief catalog of traits which the Holy God of heaven abhors. One of these is "hands that shed innocent blood." "There are six things which Jehovah hateth; Yea, seven which are an abomination unto him: Haughty eyes, a lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood; A heart that deviseth wicked purposes, Feet ... read more »

Scientific Evidence Affirms the Worth of Pre-Born Children

In the sixth month of her pregnancy with John (later to be called the "Baptizer"), the aged Elizabeth, wife of Zacharias, was visited by her kinswoman, Mary of Nazareth. The latter informed Elizabeth that she too would bear a child. When the glad tidings were revealed to the elderly kinswoman, she was "filled with the Holy Spirit," and her voice ... read more »