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When Love Grows Cold: A Profile of the Ephesian Church

This profile of the Ephesian church serves as an example for our learning.

Stranger? Or Family and Friend?

What a thrilling concept it is to transition from being a stranger to becoming a citizen, indeed, a family member and a “friend.” Our Lord once said: “You are my friends if you do the things which I command you” (John 15:14).

Church Controversies

While there certainly are times when a preacher, teacher or church must be publicly censured, there are many cases where problems are dealt with in a less than expedient manner—and far too often with an ugly spirit of division. What are some principles that should guide our reaction to such controversial events?

Salvation Is from the Jews

Jesus once declared, “Salvation is from the Jews.” What did he mean?

Jesus Christ and the “I Am” Expression

Messianic Previews in the Book of Zechariah

There are more than eight thousand prophetic verses in the Bible. Many of these portray the coming Messiah (Christ). Several are in the marvelous book of Zechariah.

Lessons from the Grand Canyon

Evolutionary geologists assert that the Grand Canyon provides visual testimony in support of the theory of evolution. But does it? Consider the actual evidence.

A Footnote on the Mary Winkler Case

A recent book by renowned crime journalist, Ann Rule, has a one hundred-plus-page discussion of the 2006 sensational Mary Winkler case—the woman who shot her minister husband in the back. This is a brief review of Rule’s conclusions.

Modern Miracles—True or False?

Many religious groups, e.g., Catholics, Mormons, and Protestant Pentecostals, contend for modern miracles. Since the purpose of biblical miracles was to confirm the truth of a divinely given revelation, one would be forced to the conclusion that these conflicting sects all are teaching the truth. But how can this be? Truth is consistent.

The Christian As a “Sermon”

How one lives is a better “sermon” any day than what he says. What kind of sermons does your life preach?