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The New Frontier of Organ Transplants

We live in the exciting, yet frightening, world of modern medicine. Exciting? Oh yes. Potentially frightening? Without a doubt! For example, one can rejoice in the extended longevity of family and friends whose lives have been saved as a result of organ transplants. Numerous good people have been bequeathed a new lease on life as the result of some generous ... read more »

Where Does the Bible Condemn Gambling?

Occasionally someone will ask, "Where does the Bible condemn gambling?" They would like a book, chapter, and verse that specifically mentions the practice. Like many other sins, gambling is not directly named in Scripture. It is nonetheless, condemned in principle numerous times. Gambling is a violation of faithful stewardship. The Bible teaches that what we have belongs to the Lord ... read more »

The Christian and Depression

All of us become discouraged occasionally. That is simply a part of being human. One should not feel that discouragement is intrinsically sinful for it is not. That is evidenced by the fact that even our Lord sometimes became discouraged. Even Jesus Was Discouraged The prophet Isaiah represents the coming Messiah as saying, "I have labored in vain, I have ... read more »

Terror from the Sky

Perhaps "numb" is the best word to describe the condition of most Americans on September 11, 2001, as many of us sat mutely staring in horror at the events that unfolded before our eyes via television. The petrifying spectacle of "human missiles" being deployed to bomb the World Trade Center, and Washington's Pentagon, was seen again and again. News analysts ... read more »

The Age of Insensitivity

The human soul (mind, conscience) is a sensitive thing. The tender heart can be touched, and wonderful results will be produced. On the other hand, the human spirit can be woefully mistreated and devastating attitudes thus develop. When Paul wrote to the Ephesians, he warned them of that manner of life so characteristic of pagans in his day. He described ... read more »

The Devastating Effects of Divorce

Through the prophet Malachi, Jehovah God said to ancient Israel: "I hate divorce" (2:16, NASB). The Lord hates divorce because he loves people and divorce is devastating to humankind. Man did not live one day upon this earth apart from the environment of a home. In fact, the very foundation of society is the home. Marriage is that divine union ... read more »

Does God Limit His Own Foreknowledge?

Does God foreknow everything? Are there things that God chooses not to know? One of the most difficult tasks for the Bible student is any attempt to discuss, with great precision, the attributes of God. The divine qualities are so infinite, and our minds so finite, that we scarcely can fathom the Creator's marvelous features. In attempting to accommodate our ... read more »

The Value of Life

The book of James has been called the gospel of practicality because it contains so many truths of everyday value. One of the dangers of which James warns is the pursuit of material interests to the exclusion of the Lord's will (cf. 4:13-17). Within that discussion, the inspired writer asks, "What is your life?" In the immediate context, James addresses ... read more »

Timothy McVeigh’s “Invictus”

Timothy McVeigh is dead. His ashes were secretly deposited into Earth's bowels, to return to the dust whence they came (Gen. 3:19; Eccl. 12:7). His soul has entered a new domain where there is no place for arrogance, defiance, or "coping" with the environment (Lk. 16:23ff). To the very end McVeigh exhibited no public remorse. According to a news report, ... read more »

Manufacturing “Slave Babies”

In a 2004, The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity issued a press release noting that the Journal of the American Medical Association had reported on experiments being carried out by Chicago's Reproductive Genetics Institute. The report had to do with genetic procedures crafted to engineer "designer children" for the purpose of providing blood and/or tissue for potential use on ... read more »