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Logic and Stem Cell Research

In his epistle to the Roman saints, Paul rhetorically asked: "Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?" The apostle then answered his own query. In the English versions it is variously translated: "God forbid" (KJV; ASV), "By no means!" (RSV); "Certainly not!" (NKJV). The Greek Testament reads: me genoito, an expression, used 15 times in the New Testament. ... read more »

Frankenstein Is Alive and Well!

In 1818, Mary W. Shelley authored a famous horror novel which detailed the exploits of a young medical student whose name was Victor Frankenstein. In the story, young Frankenstein created a "monster" from the parts of dead human bodies. It was only fiction. More horrible now is the fact that modern "Frankensteins," subsidized by our tax dollars, and with the ... read more »

Scientists “Xerox” First Human

A week ago, "Advanced Cell Technology", operating out of Worchester, Massachusetts, announced that a human being had been cloned in its laboratory. The news release sent shock waves across the country and around the world. Protests, from a wide variety of sources, have been enunciated. President George W. Bush denounced the practice, asserting that cloning a person, in his "judgment" ... read more »

Manufacturing “Slave Babies”

In a 2004, The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity issued a press release noting that the Journal of the American Medical Association had reported on experiments being carried out by Chicago's Reproductive Genetics Institute. The report had to do with genetic procedures crafted to engineer "designer children" for the purpose of providing blood and/or tissue for potential use on ... read more »

California High Court Wrong Again

The California Supreme Court again has demonstrated what an inept conglomerate of jurists it is. In an August 18th decision that once more assaults religious freedom, the court came down with a "wrong," not "right," decision. In its unanimous judgment, the Court determined that doctors may not refuse, on a religious basis, to artificially inseminate lesbians who want to bear ... read more »

When Does a Human Person Begin?

When does human personhood begin? Various answers are offered to this question, depending upon the individual responding and his or her philosophical or religious persuasion. The question cannot be answered from a strictly scientific perspective, because science cannot determine anything about the human spirit, much less when its bestowal initiates personhood. Some Theories Some contend that the entity resulting from ... read more »