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A Study of Romans 14

To eat meat or not eat meat. That was the question many Christians struggled with in the first century. It was such a controversy that Paul spent a whole chapter in the book of Romans addressing what may seem to us a trivial question. Romans chapter 14 is a complex segment of scripture that frequently has been both misunderstood and ... read more »

An Analysis of Romans 14

The fourteenth chapter of the book of Romans is an intriguing piece of literature. Often misunderstood, frequently abused, it offers much instruction for the spiritually minded student. It confronts a variety of issues. The text arises out of a transitional era in religious history when many converts to Christ were passing from one great divine system (the Mosaic regime) to ... read more »

The Support of Gospel Preachers

The Jewish rabbis had a saying: "Whoever does not teach his son a trade is as if he brought him up to be a robber." Paul, the Tent-making Preacher Though Paul was educated as a scholar of Hebrew law under the celebrated Gamaliel (Acts 22:3), nevertheless, as a lad he had learned the trade of tent-maker. Accordingly, when Paul, on ... read more »

Did Jesus Eat the Passover Supper?

"Did Jesus eat the Passover supper on the night before he was crucified? If so, was he eating it at the right time? If he was, how do you explain the fact that, on the following day, the Jewish leaders were fearful of defiling themselves, which circumstance would have cancelled their right "to eat the Passover" (John 18:28)? This seems ... read more »

Barking at an Empty Log: Atheism & Millennialism

A good "coon" dog has a marvelous "sniffer."He can follow a trail and tree his quarry with amazing skill.On the other hand, there is that sort of pup who barks at anything.He bays at the moon.An empty log holds as much excitement for him as a treed prey. Some folks are like the dog who barks at the empty log.They ... read more »

How Do I Distinguish the “Literal” from the “Figurative”?

"I do not understand why ministers will teach that one passage in the Bible is 'literal,' while they say that another one is 'figurative.'For instance, in one of your articles you argue that the 'days' of the creation week are literal (twenty-four hour days).On the other hand, you say that the '1,000 years' mentioned in Revelation, chapter 20, is 'figurative.'Why ... read more »

Are Genesis and Evolution Compatible?

In his book, The Source, John Clayton, promoter of the "Does God Exist?" program, wrote: "Ever since the first ideas about evolution appeared around 900 B.C., men have viewed the subject as an adamantly opposed concept to the concept of a supreme being. . . If we look carefully at the issues about which we are talking, however, we can ... read more »

A Tale of Two Cities

Charles Dickens' famous novel, A Tale of Two Cities, closes with the oft-cited words, "It is a far, far better thing that I do ..." With apologies to the renowned author, we wish to reflect upon two cities of the ancient world - one of which did "far, far better" than the other in its response to the gospel of ... read more »

Y2K and Millennial Mania

When I first heard the expression, "Y2K," I had no idea to what that referred. Someone kindly instructed me: "Year two thousand." I then inquired as to what the excitement concerning Y2K is all about. I was informed it is twofold: - Those who designed our computers in earlier decades did not factor in the calendar change for the coming ... read more »

Those Bogus “Bible Codes”

The idea that certain pieces of literature are characterized by numerical codes that smuggle important messages to those who are able to decipher them, has roots that reach far back into antiquity.Within the past few years, interest in this issue has emerged again - with considerable sensationalism. Ancient TheoriesAt ancient Khorsabad, a wall was supposed to have been constructed according ... read more »