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A New Edict from the Vatican

A document issued by the Roman Vatican on Tuesday, September 5, 2000, has ignited considerable controversy in the community of "Christendom." It alleges that other "Christian churches," i.e., those beyond the pale of Romanism, are "defective" in that they do not recognize the "primacy of the Pope." The thirty-six-page declaration was prepared by the Vatican's Congregation of the Doctrine of ... read more »

The Sexual Orientation Controversy

Ever since the 1970s, most psychotherapists have been telling the American public that homosexuality is a genetic condition, like being right-handed or left-handed. According to these "experts," sexual orientation is not something one can change. Some of the major studies reflecting these opinions have been done, of course, by the homosexuals themselves. Accordingly, the standard line of psycho-dribble is that ... read more »

What Does the Scripture Say?

"What does the scripture say?" Is this a relevant question? The fourth chapter of the book of Romans begins with a question. Was Abraham, the physical forefather of the Jewish people, found to be just before God due to his own efforts, e.g., the perfect keeping of divine law? The implied answer is, "No." Had the patriarch been justified on ... read more »

The Value of the Old Testament for Today

In our writings we repeatedly emphasize the divine ideal that men and women exalt the New Testament as the only creed for the people of God in this dispensation of time. The New Testament constitutes the pattern for the establishment of Christianity in any nation upon the planet. These twenty-seven sacred documents embody Heaven's final revelation to humanity. Because of ... read more »

The Code of Hammurabi

In the winter of 1901-02, a French archaeological team, under the direction of M. J. de Morgan, discovered at ancient Susa (cf. Shushan - Esth. 1:2) in southwest Persia, a black stone stele (some 7 ft. tall). On it was the "Code of Hammurabi." The monument, which had been captured by the Persians, contained 282 laws reflecting the Babylonian judicial ... read more »

The Righteousness of God Revealed

The book of Romans is magnificent in that it reveals so many aspects of the "righteousness of God" (1:16-17). In this discussion, four of these will be considered. The Wrath of God While the concept of the love of God should never be minimized, it is also true that there is another element to the nature of our Creator: he ... read more »

Was Jesus Really the “Messiah”?

A Jewish opponent of Christianity argues: "Christians claim that the mission of Jesus of Nazareth was to bring peace to this earth.It has been two thousand years since he was born, and yet still there is no peace.In fact, there seems to be more conflict than ever.Does this not prove that Jesus was not the person Christians claim him to ... read more »

Does the Bible Encourage Hatred?

"I am confused about the Bible's teaching on 'hate.' Sometimes hate is condemned, at other times it seems to be encouraged. Can you comment on this?" There are two basic biblical words that represent the concept of hating. In the Old Testament, sane (used about 145 times) means to "to hate, to set against." In the New Testament, the word ... read more »

The Thrilling and Mysterious Ways of God

Most serious Bible students concede that the book of Romans is one of the more difficult compositions of the New Testament - at least in some places. One of these is the section that embraces chapters 9-11. There, the inspired Paul discusses the sovereignty of God (i.e., his right to exercise his will in human affairs), in terms of how ... read more »

Blasphemy — What Is this Great Sin?

For many people, one of the most fearful terms to be found in the New Testament is the word "blasphemy." Blasphemy is represented as a horrible sin, but what is it? Have I been guilty of it? Can one obtain pardon for it? These are serious questions that engage the attention of the devout person. Blasphemy is an anglicized form ... read more »