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Creationism in Our Schools

In April 1998, Dr. A. Jang, a professor of Natural Science & Psychology at National University, gave a speech in Los Angeles, California which he detailed a survey report which supposedly reflects attitudes toward the biblical doctrine of creation within educational institutions affiliated with churches of Christ. The report contained some interesting information. There appears to be minimal interest about ... read more »

Dignity Without Ostentation

"Dignity" is defined as a "state of quality, distinction, honor." "Ostentation" has to do with acts of "pretentiousness, outward display, to show off." There is a significant difference between the two. The first has to do with honor or reverence rendered to something that one deems worthy of such; the latter involves an act or state of display that has ... read more »

The Power of the Pen

I recognize that the title of this article is considerably obsolete. No one much uses the pen anymore in literary construction. But it is far more poetic to say, "the pen is mightier than the sword," than to suggest that "the word processor is more influential than the missile." I have always loved to read. When my sisters and I ... read more »

Preparing to Preach

There are two senses in which every man who desires to preach the gospel of Christ in a public capacity should prepare for this noble vocation. First there is the advanced preparation; then there is the immediate readiness. Advanced Preparation The old Calvinistic idea that a man is "called" to preach by a supernatural force and receives a sacred "illumination" ... read more »

What Is a Pastor?

Is the term “Pastor” a proper title for ministers of the gospel? Three verses in the New Testament include the word "pastor" (in various forms): Ephesians 4:11, Acts 20:28, and 1 Peter 5:2. In Ephesians 4:11, Paul discusses various roles that Christ placed in the church. He intends for "pastors and teachers" to serve in the church. The expression "pastors ... read more »

The San Francisco Atheist Convention

How would you like to throw a party and have nobody show up? Well, almost nobody-relatively speaking. That's what happened when the atheists had their recent West-Coast convention. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (with headquarters in Madison, WI) convened a "mini-convention"-and I do mean mini. The grand event took place on the weekend of July 30-31 in San Francisco. Atheists ... read more »

Effective Bible Study — An Urgent Need For Everyone

It was never the will of God that direct, supernatural communication - from heaven to earth - be a perpetual phenomenon throughout this planet's history. Rather, "the things of God" (cf. 1 Cor. 2:11) were to be committed to a series of inspired documents, collectively known as the Bible. The Holy Scriptures were designed to provide men with all things ... read more »

Paul’s Discourse to the Elders at Ephesus

Having concluded his third missionary journey, the apostle Paul hurriedly was making his way toward Jerusalem, hoping to arrive in that renowned city before the Jewish Pentecost (doubtless because of the great crowds that would be assembled). Sailing southward in the Aegean Sea (that arm of the Mediterranean between Greece and Asia Minor) the apostle came to Miletus. Miletus was ... read more »

The President, Adultery, and “Baptist Rules”

Denominational doctrines that pervert New Testament teaching have devastating effects in a number of ways. First, they condemn those who teach them. Second, they harm those who believe them. Third, corrupt teaching, paraded under the guise of Christianity, brings the Lord's system into disrepute generally, because the secular world does not discern the difference between the genuine gospel and subtle ... read more »

Luke 11:13 — Asking for the Holy Spirit

It is common knowledge that members of the Pentecostal sect believe that God is constantly pumping miraculous surges of the Holy Spirit into them in response to their prayers. With hands uplifted, they beseech, "Lord, send the power just now," which petition is usually followed by violent jerks somewhat resembling an electrocution. One of the passages employed to buttress this ... read more »