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Exploring the Concept of Priesthood

The theme of priests and priesthood is prominent within the Scriptures. One is first introduced to the concept of a priest in the book of Genesis, and the role lingers until the sacred canon closes. The office of the priest is mentioned some 700 times in the Old Testament, and approximately 80 times in the New Testament. It is obvious ... read more »

Will Heaven Be on Earth?

The "Jehovah's Witnesses" along with many denominational writers contend that with the Second Coming of Christ the earth will be purified by fire, and this material planet will be the residence of the faithful throughout eternity. In other words, a "new earth" will be what we commonly think of as "heaven." As Charles Hodge of Princeton stated it: "earth shall ... read more »

False Ideas Regarding Death

Each day of our existence we are reminded of the grim reality of death. It haunts us. We know so little about it. In fact, we know almost nothing regarding this ultimate physical experience, except for what is revealed in the Bible. But the biblical information is limited, and so false notions about death permeate society's thinking. The following discussion ... read more »

Sanitizing Entertainment

Do you remember the commercial advertisement that showed a young woman smoking a cigarette, with this caption: "You've come a long way, baby!"? That slogan has become almost legendary, describing so many different elements in American society. We have come "a long way," and much of it has been straight down. Take the movie industry as an example. I remember, ... read more »

The Curse of Religious Diversity

Jim Minter, a former editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, produced a brief essay (12/1999) that was published in The Atlanta Journal. It was titled, "Which Version Should We Teach?" Mr. Minter, an entertaining writer, commences with a grievance about all of the controversy over prayer in the school. He complained that it was beginning to get on his nerves. It ... read more »

Is Christianity Polytheistic?

If God exists in three persons, and the Christian is to worship God, how is he different from other religious people who worship several gods? There are some fundamental propositions that one must understand in approaching the distinction between monotheism (belief in one God) and polytheism (belief in many gods). Monotheism The original religion of ancient mankind was monotheism, i.e., ... read more »

What About Alcoholics Anonymous?

"What is your opinion of Christians who attend AA [Alcoholics Anonymous] meetings or treatment centers to stop drinking?" First, let me note that the Christian should not be opposed to any legitimate treatment that provides a medical solution for a physiological problem. If, for example, one's body has become chemically addicted to a substance, there may be a valid medical ... read more »

Two Questions: Who Died on the Cross? Thee or You?

"At times some of those who offer prayer at the communion table, in expressing thanks for the bread and the fruit of the vine, will frame their prayers somewhat in this way: 'Dear Father, we thank you for dying on the cross and shedding your blood for us.' This troubles me. What can be done to remedy this situation?" Sometimes ... read more »

Teresa’s “Miracle” En Route to “Sainthood”

According to recent news reports, the Roman Catholic nun, who was affectionately known as "Mother" Teresa (cf. Mt. 23:9), is being given the "rush" status en route to her expected "sainthood."The highly acclaimed lady, so applauded for her work in poverty-stricken India, died in 1997. Normally at least five years must pass before the process leading to "sainthood" is initiated.However, ... read more »

LaGard Smith’s New Book: ‘After Life’

LaGard Smith believes there must be a "radical" correction in the teaching of most Christians today (see Radical Restoration, Cotswold, 2001).His ongoing quest to achieve that goal is pursued in his latest book, After Life. Therein he challenges what he calls the "orthodox understandings" pertaining to death and eternity. While this book does address certain sectarian views, e.g., Watchtowerism, Mormonism, ... read more »